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Welcome to Mining & Energy WA: Treasuring our Resources History

Our current appeal aims to raise 6.5 million dollars to preserve an important part of WA’s social and economic history.

Western Australia’s world-renowned mining and energy industries have been vitally important to the state since the goldmining boom of the 1890’s.

Remarkable and world-changing stories of the mining and energy exploration and development will be gathered, identified, preserved, and made accessible for future generations and international researchers by the State Library of WA.  They are the only entity  with the mandate to collect and preserve WA’s intellectual and documentary heritage

The Foundation is helping to raise the funds for the Mining & Energy WA project, and the State Library is leading the collection and identification of materials to build this important archive.

Other support is being sought from resources sector companies and private philanthropists. By working together we aim to raise the 6.5 million needed to establish the archive. This is your opportunity to stand alongside all pioneers who have come before you.

Every cent donated will contribute to building the success of the project – just as every ounce of gold or iron ore has contributed to the development of Western Australia.

Support - Mining & Energy WA as a celebration of our precious people, places, metals and minerals and their role in the development of Western Australia.

Image: June Oscar, photograph by Belinda Mason

Unfinished Business

Stories from Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Disability (by Belinda Mason) 

Exhibition: closes 3 June 2016 
Ground Floor Gallery

Without stories there is silence. Without stories told, we are voiceless. Without our stories heard, we are invisible. This is very hard, when the stories are hard to hear, difficult to see and impossible to imagine.

Image: June Oscar, photograph by Belinda Mason


Dutch Journeys to the Western Edge

Exhibition: 24 June - 25 September 2016
Ground Floor Gallery

The State Library’s exhibition looks beyond the early maritime history to include stories of recent Dutch military history and migrant journeys to WA.

Image: On board Johan van Oldernbarneveld leaving Netherlands 1.10.1953. L to R: Johanna (standing centre), Wietze jnr, Gerda (bow in hair), Wietze snr & Helene de Boer [picture] CN#BA1728/265


On the Homefront - Thank you for saving our legacy

Our thanks to everyone who donated in support of the On the Homefront appeal over the past few months.  The aim was to digitise short-run newspapers produced in regional Western Australia during the World War I era. These papers document life at home while a large segment of Europe lay in ruins and troops from this State and elsewhere were deployed in combat. 

Donations and support were received from a number of sources and a total of 138 Western Australian titles which span the 1914-1918 are being digitised.  Already 118 titles are now publicly available on, with the remaining 23 titles to follow.  Thanks to your support all of the newspapers listed at the outset will be completed. 

These valuable resources provide rich insights into how our ancestors lived, worked and survived in the period of WWI and will allow researchers and family historians to access them from wherever they are in the world.  Thank you for bringing our rich heritage to life.


Treasuring the ANZACs:
Bringing them Home

Attendees to the Behind the Covers event in April enjoyed presentations by the State Library’s expert speakers Trish Fairweather and Jo Roberts.  Click here to Trish’s presentation on Collection Highlights of WWI and on the video button In their own words for Jo’s presentation on WWI oral histories. 

This exclusive event is hosted by the Library and the Foundation for people who have donated materials to the State heritage collections. If you believe you have items you would like to donate please click here.


Message from A/CEO

Thank you for engaging with the State Library of WA Foundation.  

We really appreciate you  working with us to help preserve Western Australian heritage.  Please consider making a tax deductible gift to our current appeal Mining & Energy WA: Treasuring our Resources History.  

Your valued support will help to create a world-class archive and perpetuate our stories for future generations. 


Birute Greenhalgh  

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