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Things we'd rather talk about than wingdings

Do The Twist STYLE

Do The Twist

The twisted pony is an excellent trick to keep in your back pocket for when your mop is tangled and unwieldy and you need to look like a human being stat. Hair did in under 5 minutes is the name of the (parent) game.

Sun Dressing SHOP

Sun Dressing

In addition to popsicles and barbecues, summer is for chubby baby legs in sunsuits. Not only does Indego Africa make a truly adorable one, but 100% (!) of profits support female artisans in Rwanda to grow their businesses.

Shoe Gaze WEAR

Shoe Gaze

The time has come to stock up on espadrilles for the season. Our very favorite resource, the straightforwardly-named Espadrille Store, has a great version of the classic style that’s been worn by everyone from Birkin to Bogart.

Sleep Like A Baby SLEEP

Like A Baby

Babies will turn any otherwise sane person into a ball of nerves, so it’s nice when a company recognizes this and puts our minds at ease. Newton Baby’s crib mattress is hypoallergenic, washable and completely recyclable.

Easy Peasy Download

Easy Peasy

Whether you need time with a lactation consultant or to get your lady questions answered, Maven connects you to health practitioners so you can video chat from work or home and stop wasting time in waiting room purgatory.



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