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Will Pompano Park be sold any time soon?

All the talk in the financial sections of world-wide news sites last week was that the Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. was on the market to be sold. Part of their properties includes the harness track Pompano Park, which also has one of the most lucrative casinos in the company. Rumors ran rapid that Leisure and Gaming Properties, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Penn National Gaming, had already come to terms on an agreement to purchase the entire company. Now the Isle has announced major management shake ups at the corporate level that will reduce expenses by $2.5 million. Some security companies see that as a move to keep the company and not sell it as the company says it is trying to reduce its debt by $12.5 million a year with more restructuring on the way. Whether there is any truth to the rumors will remain to be seen.

Meanwhile, it looks like racing fans at Pompano Park may no longer have the Grandstand area for watching and wagering from when the track re-opens in early October. The 50 year old structure has not been maintained dating back to the 1990’s and is falling apart, making it unsafe for the public to be in the structure or on the track apron (seems that some of the glass planes from the 6th floor have fallen out. Thus for the new meet patrons will have to watch and wager from the casino area, which is at the top of the stretch and there will be limited if no access to the finish line area.

The horsemen’s association (FSBOA) says that track management is doing what they can to make it somewhat better in the casino area including more wagering machines, televisions, a new outdoor bar area, a possible awning over the 500 outdoor seats and an infield jumbo screen. The only thing missing would be an increase in purses, but FSBOA officials say that is not happening.

Please don’t try and interview Ake Svanstedt

We really hope for the future that interviewers at the racetrack will not try and get Ake Svanstedt to do interviews unless you have his assistant trainer Bjorn “Bernie” Noren to assist. It is obvious that Ake does not speak English well enough for live on-air interviews without an interpreter, so why go through the process. Yes we want to know about the horse, about the drive and more, but Bob Heyden, George Anthony and now Greg Gangle have all tried and failed to get a good interview with Ake. Get Bernie to translate so we can hear clearly what Ake has to say.

We need to support more Monte racing!

Last year was a breakout season for Monte racing in North America. More and more tracks held exhibition events and Monte racing has really grown, mainly with thanks to Helene Gregory for spearheading the movement the past few years. It has now caught on so well that they will have pari-mutuel wagering on many Monte events in Canada. But in the USA it is still in the development stage and that should not be. Monte racing in Europe is very big and North America needs to follow their examples as much as possible if the sport is to show any growth at all. It is also a great way for the Standardbred industry to begin embracing Thoroughbred racing and the equestrian scene too. The skills and ability to race a horse at a set gait can make Monte racing very popular to all equine breeds and we need in our industry to introduce our sport every way we can to help it grow.

Stallion Review - Modern Art

Modern Art
Modern Art

Continuing on with our stallion review series today we have produced an in depth review for the very good racehorse and stallion Modern Art p,3,1:50.2m ($1,055,233)


By the legendary sire Artsplace, who is widely recognized as one of the most influential sires to have ever stood at stud. His numbers are a benchmark for all sires coming after him. Artsplace has produced to date 1140 in 2:00, 676 in 1:55, 48 in 1:50 and 18 millionaires. Total purses his progeny have earned is $172,114,276 up until the 28 of June 2014 and still growing daily. He has quickly become a great sire of sires and a great broodmare sire to boot.

His best colt performers are Art Major p4;1:48.4m ($2,273,217), Whosurboy p7;1:49s ($1,861,455), Grinfromeartoear p3;1;50.1 ($1,746,009), Sportswriter p3;1:48.3s ($1,649,411), Artiscape p3;1;49.3z ($1,469,461), Dream Away p3;1:50m ($1,342,071), Auturo p3;1:51.2f ($1,298,491), Stonebridge Regal p5;1:48.1m ($1,065,578), Astreos p3;1:49.3m ($1,062,594) and Modern Art p,3,1:50.2m ($1,055,233).

His best filly performers are the great Glowing Report p5;1:49.2m ($2,328,052), Worldly Beauty p4;1:49.3m ($2,146,076), Galleria p4;1:49.1m ($1,814,453), Armbro Amoretto p3;1:50.1m ($1,604,459), Stienams Place p3;1:50.4m ($1,402,301), Arts Virtue p3;1:50.3m ($1,100,639) and Electrical Art p3;1:50.1m ($1,010,568)

The first dam of Modern Art is Wendy M Hanover p,1:54 ($337,132) who has produced 10 foals for 10 winners including 4 in 1:53. A full sister to the champion racehorse and sire Western Hanover p,1:50.4 ($2,541,647) she has left two other horses of note apart from Modern Art, they are O Hare p,1:51.2 ($164,418) and Modern Desire p,1:51.1 ($149,863). Her daughters have also left a lot of winners to date without any standout individuals.

The second dam of Modern Art is Wendymae Hanover p,1:57 ($8,887). She has produced 13 foals for 7 winners with 3 in 1:55. This lightly raced daughter of Albatross has excelled at stud. Not only has she left the champion racehorse and sire Western Hanover p,1:50.4 ($2,541,647) and Wendy M Hanover p,1:54 ($337,132) but her daughters and grand-daughters have done a fine job as well having produced such smart types as Best Laid Plans p,1:50.4 ($401,085), Chai Sign p,1:52.2 ($282,299) and Captain Cambest p,1:49.3 ($222,224) to name just a few. The standout producer amongst her daughters is the Cams Card Shark mare Wichita Hanover p,1:55 ($4,707) who is now the the dam of the outstanding racehorse and sire prospect A Rocknroll Dance p,1:47.2 ($2,441,164).

The third dam of Modern Art is the Best Of All mare Wendy Sue Hanover p,2.05 ($6,406) dam of 15 foals for 13 winners with 2 in 1:55. This lightly raced mare has excelled as a broodmare. Not only did she leave such talented racehorses as Walton Hanover p,1:53.2 ($802,741) and Walt Hanover p,1:53.1 ($239,086) but her daughters and grand-daughters have left such smart horses as Fashion Delight p,1:50.1 ($837,977), Cypress Creek p,1:50.2 ($435,608), Korinna Bayama p,1:52.2 ($393,755), Exacta Bayama p,1:54.3 ($307,104), Whistler Hanover p,1:51.4 ($293,543), Luke Busy p,1:54 ($273,267), Won-dersam p,1:53.3 ($268,604) and Actionuke p,1:52.2 ($216,299).


This is a really strong maternal family that seems capable of leaving both high class colts and fillies. With Western Hanover, Walton Hanover and Modern Art having all been successful as sires and A Rocknroll Dance about to attempt to follow them, this is one of those families that seems to be able to churn out a genuine sire prospect every few years.


Modern Art was a brilliant two year old who only missed a placing on one occasion all season.


Starts - 13

Wins - 6

Seconds - 6

Thirds - 0

Stakes - $741,553

Time - 1:51.2

His best win was undoubtedly in the $640,000 Woodrow Wilson final which he won in 1:51.3 while his other notable wins were in the $101,500 Niatross Pace in 1:52.1 and the $88,540 Bluegrass Stakes in 1:51.3. His season could have been even better as he finished a close second in both the $540,000 Breeders Crown Final and the $150,000 New Jersey Sires Stakes Final.

Woodrow Wilson

Modern Art started his three-year-old season in super form and looked to have improved from his two year old season.


Starts - 11

Wins - 4

Seconds - 0

Thirds - 1

Stakes - $313,680

Time - 1:50.2

He won his first start for the season in a heat of the New Jersey Sires Stakes in 1:50.2 with a last quarter in 26.2 which was a great opener for the season. The way he won his next two starts including a win in the $500,000 New Jersey Pacing Classic in 1:50.2 suggested he could be in for a special season. But after that win the wheels well and truly fell off the rest of his season. The runs were so far removed from what had come beforehand that one would have to deduce that Modern Art had an issue that seriously affected his performance.

Overall record

Starts - 241

Wins - 10

Seconds - 6

Thirds - 1

Stakes - $1,055,233

Time - 1:50.2


Modern Art was a great two year old who fronted up every week and gave 110% which is reflected in him finishing either first or second in twelve of his thirteen starts. He then started his three year old season in superb form and looked to be a major player in all the upcoming stakes races. But after just three starts in which he performed brilliantly, his form for the remainder of the season tailed off badly. When that happens to a horse with a record like Modern Art's you know he has a major issue affecting his performance and you need to look at his three year old season in that light.


1st Crop - Born in 2006 and numbered 116 foals.

It was a good start for Modern Art with a very respectable number of 90 winners from this crop. What he failed to do with this crop was to produce that standout stakes performer that all sires need to compete at the elite level. The best colts from this crop were The Ladies Man p,1:49.2 ($402,395) and Strand Hanover p,1:50 ($387,745) while his best fillies were My Red High Heels p,1:51.1 ($316,002) and Nora Lee p,1:52.2 ($309,747).

Foals - 116

Winners - 90

$100,000+ - 27

Sub 1:50 - 2

Av per Starter - $71,629

Total Stakes - $7,126,937

2nd Crop - Born in 2007 and numbered 79 foals.

Quite a drop off in numbers between crops one and two and while the average earnings was on a par with his first crop, a lot of his other numbers were down from crop one. Again there was no standout stakes performer from this crop. The best colts from this crop were Haul Away p,1:51.4 ($533,302) and Mambo Italiano p,1:51.3 ($306,899) while his best fillies from this crop were Racy Girl Hanover p,1:51.1 ($322,447) and Im Won Wine Wiser p,1:52 ($236,387).

Foals - 79

Winners - 54

$100,000+ - 13

Sub 1:50 - 0

Av per Starter - $70,318

Total Stakes - $3,500,339

3rd Crop - Born in 2008 and numbered 76 foals.

Here he has similar numbers to his second crop and probably his best crop overall. His average per starter was $10,000 higher while all his other numbers held up. Modern Art did leave a stakes winning filly from this crop in Modern Connection. The best colts from this crop were Modern Legend p,1:49.3 ($495,285) and Musselsfrmbrussels p,1:49.1 ($400,415) while his best fillies were Modern Connection p,1:51 ($804,173) and Lauren p,1:53.2 ($380,227).

Foals - 76

Winners - 54

$100,000+ - 13

Sub 1:50 - 2

Av per Starter - $80,569

Total Stakes - $5,236,989

4th Crop - Born in 2009 and numbered 73 foals.

While some of Modern Art's numbers held up, several took a big drop with this crop. His average earnings per starter dropped over $24,000. The failure to leave a genuine stakes horse from his first crop also saw a drop off in the quality of the mares he served which makes things very difficult for a sire. The two best colts from this crop were Huxley p,1:51.3 ($346,319) and Arthur p,1:51.1 ($201,213) while the two best fillies from this crop were Legal Entity p,1:52 ($280,010) and Fine Art Mindale p,1:52.3 ($160,850).

Foals - 73

Winners - 51

$100,000+ - 9

Sub 1:50 - 0

Av per Starter - $56,745

Total Stakes - $3,518,191

5th Crop - Born in 2010 and numbered 40 foals.

With the lack of stakes horses from crops one and two, the number and quality of the mares he served dropped right away to the point that this was his last season at stud in North America. The best two colts from this crop were May Day p,1:52.1 ($165,647) and He's A Sensation p,1:49.2 ($111,600) while his best fillies were Twilight Seelster p,1:55 ($119,372) and Ok Feisty p,1:54 ($105,043).

Foals - 40

Winners - 24

$100,000+ - 4

Sub 1:50 - 1

Av per Starter - $36,082

Total Stakes - $1,046,371

Overall record

Foals - 384

Winners - 273

$100,000+ - 66

Sub 1:50 - 5

Av per Starter - $67,177

Total Stakes - $21,496,546


Modern Art did a near enough job in his first three years at stud but was handicapped long term by not being able to produce that exceptional horse who can win the major stakes races. He only has two $500,000 winners from 384 foals but a lot of his other numbers are passable. When you don't produce that exceptional individual you end up with a lot less top quality mares which I believe happened to Modern Art in years four and five.


1st Crop - Born in 2006 and numbered 179 foals.

This was a very good start to his siring career in Australia. All his numbers were very healthy and this was a launch pad for Modern Art to build from in future years. His best colts from this crop were Cuttheattitude p,1:53.5 ($410,568) and Biggernbettermax p,1:59.4 ($146,170) while his best fillies were Pole Dance p,1:56.4 ($186,352) and Modern Girl p,1:58.2 ($122,135).

Foals - 179

Winners - 90

$100,000+ - 8

Sub 1:57 - 12

% Winners to Foals - 50%

2nd Crop - Born in 2007 and numbered 149 foals.

Another excellent crop when you look at all the numbers. His percentages are up there with the best with probably the only reservation being the lack of a real quality colt from this crop. His best colts from this crop were American Muscle p,1:54.8 ($140,129) and Timeless Era p,1:53.9 ($131,211) while his best fillies were Passion Promise p,1:57.3 ($272,345) and Tasy Miss p,1:58.6 ($58,449).

Foals - 149

Winners - 73

$100,000+ - 5

Sub 1:57 - 10

% Winners to Foals - 49%

3rd Crop - Born in 2008 and numbered 116 foals.

This crop saw a real drop in some of his numbers especially in regards to having only one $100,000 winner from this crop of 116. He did produce the very talented Leda McNally p,1:54 ($286,038) but overall this crop was not up to the standard of the first two seasons in Australia.

Foals - 116

Winners - 55

$100,000+ - 1

Sub 1:57 - 6

% Winners to Foals - 47%

4th Crop - This crop was born in 2009 and numbered 137 foals.

A better crop overall than the third crop but not quite as good as the first two although the Modern Arts do seem to get better with age and this crop still has a fair bit of racing in front of it. The best colts from this crop were the very smart Ultimate Art p,1:53.3 ($270,818) and Magic Franco p,1:54.2 ($86,921) and his best fillies were Pressplay p,1:56.8 ($116,854) and Tarelle p,1:54 ($102,678).

Foals - 137

Winners - 58

$100,000+ - 3

Sub 1:57 - 8

% Winners to Foals - 42%

5th Crop - This crop was born in 2010 and numbered 159 foals.

Probably not his best crop to date with not one high quality colt or filly in his 159 foals. Considering that this crop is just three in the current season, you can accept some of the overall numbers are about right at this point but the lack of that standout individual hurts this crop. The best colts from this crop to date are Young Modern p,1:56.3 ($68,083) and Mister Jay Cee p,1:57 ($58,140) while his best fillies to date are Fan Design p,1:58.9 ($55,447) and Harriet Elizabeth p,1:57.4 ($54,960).

Foals - 159

Winners - 49

$100,000+ - 0

Sub 1:57 - 6

% Winners to Foals - 31%

6th Crop - This crop was born in 2011 and numbers 105 foals.

This crop is racing as two-year-olds in the current season. So far 39 have started for seven winners but that number should rise as the season nears its end. This crop has already produced two high quality colts and sits fifth on the Australian two-year-old siring charts. The best colts from this crop to date are Feeling Arty p,1:58.2 ($87,537) and Isaiah Artois p,1:58.3 ($78,698) while the best filly at this stage is Allright Kiss p,2:04.9 ($21,225).

Foals - 105

Winners - 7

$100,000+ - 0

Sub 1:57 - 0

Overall record 3yo and older.

Foals - 740

Winners - 325

$100,000+ - 17

Sub 1:57 - 42


Modern Art is consistently in the top half dozen on the Australian siring charts. His percentage of winners to foals is up with the best but he doesn't leave enough of the high quality stakes horse. Modern Art does a very similar job in Australia to what Live Or Die did in New Zealand for over a decade. He is a great percentage and bread and butter sire who leaves the occasional stakes horse. At his stud fee of just $3300 including gst, Modern Art is outstanding value for money in our opinion.


Modern Art has only 3 yearlings in New Zealand so no further comment is really warranted.


Modern Art is a sire that can leave both colts and fillies and they are very genuine racehorses. His percentages are excellent and his stock seem to have reasonable longevity on the track. At his service fee of $3300 inclusive of Gst, Modern Art represents outstanding value for breeders.


The only negative you could have is that Modern Art doesn't leave enough high quality stakes horses from his very large crops. Alongside that is the fact that none of his sons are anywhere near being a sire prospect themselves and that aside I have found it difficult to fault his performance.


A really good bread and butter sire that has the ability to throw the odd stakes horse in each crop. Is great value at his service fee and delivers more than some of his more expensive competition. With his high class pedigree and his ability to leave smart fillies, Modern Art's fillies should do just as good a job in the broodmare barn as they have on the track.



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