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Hey ,

The feedback that we have been providing to campaign creators, as a whole, has been nothing short than incredible.

Today we have 2 campaigns you probably aren't familiar with, up to be rated. These campaign creators are coming to you, asking for thoughtful honest feedback - as always, your opinion is important. 

This Weeks Prize

Before we jump into the campaigns, I just want to go over this weeks prize!

We are giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the Hardcore Backer that rated the most campaigns, between last Friday and Today, and leaves the most honest and thoughtful feedback.

If you missed this weeks campaigns and want to see them all in one place, click here.

The winner will be announced in tomorrows newsletter - Good Luck!

Danny Grubb has a new campaign up for rating!

"This project will produce audio books, paperback books, hardback books and boxed set editions including special edition boxed set versions exclusively for this Kickstarter campaign.

The books are all based in the Elite universe, a universe created by Frontier Developments within which their new game Elite:Dangerous is set." - Danny Grubb [Campaign Creator]

Click Here To Rate The Elite Fiction Campaign

Klemens Dittrich has a new campaign up for rating!

"The All-Dock is the race car, the Porsche, of charging stations. It’s not just functional – charging multiple devices of nearly every type available – but also incredibly fast and spectacularly beautiful. When this project is completed, the All-Dock will surpass any other charging station in the worldwide market." - Klemens Dittrich [Campaign Creator]

Click Here To Rate The All Dock Campaign

We Love Your Feedback!

As always, feel free to shoot me an email directly with any comments, questions, or feedback about the rating system. We are always looking for new ways to make this more engaging.

See you next time!

-Dwight from BackersHub