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Court Repairs are nearly complete..

We are pleased to advise our court repairs are nearly complete. The courts are settling down very well and the level and drainage has drastically improved with the repair of the baseline areas, excess material removal, levelling and additional drainage.

 Court 6 should be ready for "light play" by the end of the week.  You may have noticed drainage pits being installed between courts over the last week or so. The final 'bedding in' should be done by the end of the week (weather permitting).  These are to increase the run off of excess water on the courts.  It won't take all the water away in a heavy downpour but it will help remove the water more quickly.  

We are also doing some minor work on Courts 7-10 which includes stripping off the top layer, whacking it, and the lines, down to an even level and putting a new layer on top.  This work does not require any settling in - players are able to use the courts straight away.  So far Courts 7 & 8 have been done and, weather permitting, Courts 9 & 10 will be done later this week or early next week.


John and his team, along with the Committee, are pleased with how the courts are settling in.  John advises to help maintain the court surface for years to come, and more importantly improve the playability of the court for your game, correct bagging & watering is essential.

Unfortunately many players do not quite understand "watering the court" correctly and we are very keen to educate everyone, from a young age, so it becomes second nature to all our members.  No matter what the season or time of day (winter & early morning included) crushed red brick courts (en-tout-cas) should always be given a light sprinkle, even if the court looks 'damp' :

  • before play,
  • between every set ,
  • and after you have finished.

The level of water depends on the seasons but there is only one time you don't water - if it has just rained (i.e. that day).


You may have noticed we have put some signs around the place showing correct and incorrect footwear for our Courts.  Please ensure you have the right shoes when you play on the courts:

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Annual Subscription Renewals

Yes, it is coming to that time of the year again!  You should receive your Annual Subs Notice early July.  Due date for subs will be early August.  

If you changed address in the last 12 months and can't remember if you advised us please send me a quick email with your new details.

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