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New beginnings...

2018 new beginnings

Welcome to the first Airport Lynx newsletter of 2018! Happy New Year! We hope that you and yours had an enjoyable break over the Christmas period.

We haven't come up with a 'resolution' for 2018 in the office. Instead, we're all looking at how we work best individually and how we can combine our collective strengths for our customers to benefit from them. It's going to be an interesting year and we're looking forward to all that it brings.

Travelling in the Winter

Travelling in the Winter

As I write it's not snowing in Cambridge but it feels like it could do at any minute! If you're driving in bad weather please take a moment to read suggestions from drivers on how to make it a smooth journey. You may also be interested to read our thoughts on how you can prepare for journeys in advance.

Feeling the love...

Sleep + travelling for work = ??

What do you love most about Airport Lynx? Our drivers? Our friendly booking team? Our tech which makes your life so much easier?

Would you help us with getting the word out about our service and standards?

We have a free giveaway of roses and chocolates to help sweeten the deal. Read more here... 

New additions...

Car fleet

In conversation last week, we realised that we’ve been forgetting to do something really important – taking photos of all our new cars as they’ve arrived! We promise to make up for that going forwards!

For now, we’ll intersperse the photographs that we do have, with our vehicle update… 


And finally... 

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps us with our Valentine's giveaway. Whether they are referred to as testimonials, feedback, reviews or social proof, your contributions are so important to the continuing growth of our business and we are looking for as many ways as possible to recognise that in 2018. 

Of course, if you have feedback that you'd rather give by phone, please call the office on 01223 440040 - we're always available. 

Best wishes,
Steve, Jayne and the Airport Lynx team.