6 Improvements from a new Automatic Batch Recipe System

One of our clients recently asked us to implement an automatic batch recipe control system – the end result of a multi-year, planned out capital control project in which we have been involved.



Our client needed a consistent, flexible recipe management system which had to be integrated with Allen Bradley hardware and GE Cimplicity hardware and software.

Wonderware InBatch was selected as a proven hardware-agnostic batch engine.

Sandra Roberts and Matt Tevald, Senior Systems Engineers with Primary Systems Inc. tackled the challenge of fully integrating the hardware and software of our client’s selection.  Successful integration of the automated recipe control system by Roberts and Tevald resulted in improved output without changing the client’s process.

Our client gained 6 improvements with their new automatic batch recipe system:

  1. Increased quality of output
  2. Improved consistency of output
  3. Ability to create new recipes without a systems engineer or a control engineer
  4. Existing process flow maintained
  5. System met budget
  6. System met deadline

Sleepless Nights over

New Recipes?


If the idea of implementing a new recipe OR new recipe software package keeps you awake at night, call or email Primary Systems Inc. to start a discussion about your batch processing or recipe system.


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