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St Andrew's - Best Practice, Summer edition

 Have some free time on your hands? Check out St Andrew's latest edition of Best Practice.

Read about A/Prof Terry Coyne and Prof Peter Silburn's achievements in Deep Brain Stimulation, along with a variety of other updates from the medical world.

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Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Mr A is a 67 year old man who presented having been noted by his family as developing memory problems for 2-3 years with deteriorating mobility. On questioning he admitted to a number of episodes of wetting himself and being unsure of how this happened. He underwent a CT and MRI which showed a possible diagnosis of normal pressure hydrocephalus. He was admitted to hospital and had a lumbar puncture after which he felt his memory was improved and he was able to perform better in a timed walk with the physiotherapist. He underwent placement of a VP shunt with considerable improvement in his mobility.

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Dr Hamish Alexander, Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon

Dr Hamish Alexander is a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon who joined the BrizBrain & Spine team in 2017. Dr Alexander aims to provide exceptional patient care for those with brain and spine disease and considers it a privilege to do so.

Dr Alexander has special clinical interests in all aspects of neurosurgery including: skull base, neuro-oncology, pituitary, spinal surgery, congenital and peripheral nerve surgery. 

Find out more about Dr Alexander, here.

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