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Cologne, November, 2016

On Air, Issue 10: Annual Safety Conference Special: New Technologies & New Business models

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Technologies have change the way we live and the way we do business. Technologies develops in a very rapid pace. In the 90’s we were using faxes and telex and now we cannot imaging our professional life without emails. But how can we make innovation safe? How can regulators accomplish with innovation?


Future of Innovation by Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire


Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Open Source Evangelist at Acquia, has a longstanding passion for the Drupal project and its community and is involved at the intersection of open source software, business, and culture. A memorable and charismatic communicator, he receives enthusiastic responses from audiences at events around the world, where he talks about open source technology and community, digital disruption, Drupal and more.

How the web industry keeps up-to date with constant innovation?
Huge communities of smart people who like to solve hard problems together get the web go along with the challenges. This is the Open Source model: thousands of people working in parallel give us extraordinary speed and agility. For me, the number of people sharing their innovations on the web is one of the key factors why we keep up with innovation.

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Innovation is constantly changing the way aviation operates

Some new technologies and some new business models are so novel that they were unthinkable a few years ago.
In aviation, even the most innovative idea or product is useless, unless the rules allow its installation or use. In this environment, which some call ‘disruptive’, rules need to be changed in order to adapt to the new needs, or even, the new reality.

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This years annual safety conference was the first EASA conference that was video streamed. We had more than 2000 views after the first day.

news events

Latest News

24 October 2016: Follow-up information regarding the transportation by air of Galaxy Note 7 devices

7 October 2016: EASA lifts temporary flight suspension of Super Puma helicopters

6 October 2016: EASA publishes reports on drone geo-limitation and drone-aircraft collision

26 September 2016: EASA updates recommendations for the transport of damaged lithium batteries

22 September 2016: Publication NPA 2016-09 ‘Requirements for Air Traffic Services’

Upcoming Events

8 November 2016: EASA CRM Workshop- “CRM in Practice”

10 November 2016: 1st EASA Workshop for DAT providers

9-11 November 2016: AWO Consultation Workshop

21-22 November 2016: Aerodromes Standardisation Workshop

22-23 November 2016: Product Certification and Design Organisation Approval Workshop

29 November 2016: Maintenance & Production Conference 2016

30 November 2016: NPA 2016-09 ‘Requirements for Air Traffic Services’ Consultation Workshop

6-7 December 2016: 10th Rotorcraft Symposium

Details for these and other upcoming EASA events are available here

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