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Suisse webfonts are available

Suisse Works: 4 weights with italics

Suisse Neue: 3 styles with italics

Suisse Int'l: 8 styles with italics

Suisse Int'l Condensed: 6 styles with italics

Suisse Int'l Mono: 3 styles


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Our webfonts are manually optimized for ClearType rasterizers and above (DirectWrite), using TrueType hinting.

You will find Free Trial webfont files in the Suisse Free Trial package waiting for you in your client account.

For those who bought Suisse BP in the past, you will soon receive an e-mail with instructions to follow if you want to update your files and receive an access to the webfonts: this operation will be free of charge!

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This dance can be seen all around the golden pass.
Techno molly nights, from one after to another.

You wake up to the stillness of the Alps.
Lake Leman captivates you with it's crystal face.
The mountains, waves and blue skies are all around you.
The love for all of this is deep inside you like last nights lover.

Enjoy this grand tour, you've traveled to the birth place

of Lysergic acid delights.
Pure passion, Ideal beauty, Eternal harmony
is your only concern.
This place has the strength to say I can stand
by my own rules, terms and independence.

This is the Suisse way.

There's nothing neutral about it.

Swiss Typefaces: the easiest licensing system

For every font purchase, you will receive at the same time a Desktop license, a Webfont license, a Mobile App license and an EPUB license.

All uses are included in a single purchase: your client account does the rest.

One-time charge / lifelong license / no monthly fees / no bandwith restriction

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