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Very Successful Open Day 2015

Hi Everyone,
What a fantastic day we've just had this Saturday. As part of maintaining a healthy and affordable club, we need about 70 new members each year, as a minimum. This Saturday alone we signed up over 100, which makes it one of the most successful Open Day's in the last 20 years. We will have more people join in the next few weeks, as they take advantage of the "No Joining Fee" period. If you know anyone, send them to Debra. It was great to see so many families with their aspiring youngsters. Wes and the guys did a terrific job getting them active.

Thanks to our wonderful Federal Member, Kelly O'Dwyer. Kelly joined us to help support the work our Club does, encouraging people to get active. We wish her the best for her new Parliamentary role and the arrival of her first born in the middle of the year.

Credit goes to all involved. Wes and Futures sent out 20,000 flyers and the committee organised 6 Billboards in front of members prominent houses. Thanks to all the families, who let us do that. Thanks to Debra and Jamie, Onofrio, Rohan, Cassie, Chris, Paul, Julie, Robin & Helen. Particular thanks to Ian for covering both sides of the day.

EMTC is a club people want to join. We have good facilities, great opportunities for everyone to play, and a tremendous group of  members.
Please come and get involved, and help us welcome our latest members.

Ralph Muir-Morris
President EMTC

Youri taking enquiries

Kids getting active on Court

Wes explaining Court activities