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Is the sunshine putting you in the mood for open water swimming? If you are looking to take part in a challenge event, have been inspired to give open water swimming a go or simply need advice on how to get into a wetsuit, then our Come & Try Events are for you! They are coach led and fun! Book now

Build confidence for the outdoors, indoors

Open water and wild swimming has really captured the imagination with challenge events growing ever more popular. But while you are desparate to sign up and join in, has the very thought of stepping into unknown, cold waters given you nighmares?

Be afraid no more!

Our pool-based open water swimming session is aimed at those who can swim and would like to prepare for the transition from pool to the open water and will focus on basic open water skills and technique, including sighting, drafting and swimming around buoys. It will also be a great opportunity to try on and buy wetsuits at a discounted rate before your challenge event.

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Open Water Events Calendar

Open Water Swimming Festival: Helix Lagoon, Falkirk 20 May 2017
Open Water Swimming Festival: Knockburn Loch, Banchory 3 June 2017
Lochore Challenge: Lochore Meadows, Fife 4 June 2017

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Nothing lurks beneath the Helix Lagoon!

We had a number of objectives our teacher wanted us to try in the hour he had us: sighting, turning and pack swimming. In a pool you have markings on the floor and beams in the ceiling which help you stay roughly in a straight line. Outdoors you've got poor underwater visibility and moving clouds, which means you need something else to orientate yourself. We spent time learning how to fix a point on the shoreline – a tree or an electricity pylon or a whatever – and swim towards it.

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