More Firepower in Our Arsenal

As I have mentioned before, the mission of Everest Collegiate High School and Academy is to teach students to be Catholic Christian leaders who are capable of utilizing their strengths, so they can fulfill the unique plan that God has for each of them. I have also stated previously that we value each student as being uniquely created by God.

Together, those statements represent a tremendous responsibility. It isn’t lost on us that the almost 500 students you have entrusted to our care represent the greatest gifts God has given you. With God’s Grace, I am confident we are accomplishing our mission as can be witnessed by the high caliber of our graduates.

I want you to know that our obligation goes much deeper than the students who walk our halls. It transcends to the families of our students in a very purposeful way. One example of that extension was the creation of the Parent Program two years ago. The program provides a means for parents to grow closer to Christ. We are also blessed to have opportunities for spiritual growth and direction within our family through one of the Legionary priests or consecrated women who grace us with their presence at our school.

As part of the Everest community, another resource we have to grow in our Catholic Faith is with Regnum Christi (RC). Regnum Christi is Latin for Kingdom of Christ and for those who don’t know, it is a group within the Catholic Church that is devoted to helping people live their faith more deeply and bringing them closer to Jesus Christ.

The Legion priests, the consecrated women, and many families at Everest are all part of the Regnum Christi organization which numbers about 30,000 people worldwide. Members of RC work as Jesus did. They reveal His Love and help to awaken the individual and the family to their mission in life and in the Catholic Church.

Ultimately, what does this mean for us as part of the Everest family? It means that we have even more firepower in our arsenal to help us live our lives as God intends. It is yet another gift He has given us and His Church.

In Gratitude,
Michael J. Nalepa







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