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Welcome to a HCHS Mike's Mumbles Snippet No: 24

Easter Edition


Back in October (9th Oct Snippet No:14) my guess was 35% at Easter. Currently, we are at 36.1% of capacity; therefore by Saturday it will be 35 point something per cent.

This means we will have over 2 Sydney Harbours to enjoy over Easter.

Importantly, I have received confirmation from GMW that their projected lowest point at the end of the Irrigation Season on the 15th May is still 30%; not lower.

This has not changed from the advise provided in December and it takes into account the Environmental Water that has recently been released from the Lake.

The implications are with 7 weeks to go until mid-May the rate of decrease will decrease.

Next we hope the scientists who have predicted the wet La Nina are correct.

HCHS Web Site Update:

The HCHS web site has recently been updated. Hope you like the new front page photo; it certainly embodies the beauty, the magic and houseboating on Lake Eildon.

Also Videos highlighting Lake Eildon; Houseboating on Lake Eildon; & "Come Away With Me" are available to click on.

We have also added more Links on the CONTACT + LINKS page of recommended services.

Have a look at the new presentation; hope you like it.


Eildon Cleaning Service:

One of the new Links on the web site is to Eildon Cleaning Service operated by Campbell Haack.

I have known Campbell's parents since their courting days, only a couple of years back. Russell & Carolyn have operated a cleaning service in the district for many years. They have been great community people as they have supported their children as they have grown up locally.

Now their son, Campbell, has commenced his own cleaning business. Campbell recently did a job for one of my clients and they were very happy with his work. 

If you require a cleaning job on your houseboat give Campbell a try. Campbell also provides a carpet cleaning service as part of his business. Campbell Haack Mob: 0437 060 372.


Frank was one of those special people that was a significant part of the early years of houseboating on Lake Eildon. Frank was affectionately known of as "The Shah". Frank was a real character who worked hard, played hard, looked after his mates and loved his family.

There are many memories of Frank enjoying the company of his mates at the Golden Trout Hotel.

Frank had an incredible story, from his upbringing in Eildon to a successful boat building business. 

Some years back, Frank sold his business at Eildon and finished up moving to Queensland.

Sadly Frank passed away last year. However, what is very special, his children, Lucas & Larissa, are bringing Frank home this weekend and will be placing his ashes in Lake Eildon.

Having known Frank this will be most fitting.

Larissa & Lucas have invited anyone that knew Frank to The Shah's Last Hurrah this Easter Saturday at the Eildon Boat Club @ 1.00pm.

If you would like to share memories of Frank on Saturday please contact Larissa on 0417 440 754 or Lucas on 0402 422 944. I know they would love to hear from you.

Blue Green Algae BGA:

Thank heavens, touching wood, we have not had a BGA outbreak at Lake Eildon this year.

Sadly, this has not been the case on the Murray River and we really feel for the people and communities affected. 

Not only does it threaten the drinking water for the cattle and sheep but it also has a dramatic effect on Tourism which effects their communities.

It is a reminder of the importance of doing everything we can to keep our water at Lake Eildon Safe for Recreation. It is something we should not take for granted and we all have a role and responsibility to play our part in ensuring the water is safe for recreation.

Fuel Reduction Burn-Off from Eildon Township to Tayloy Bay at the back of the Eildon Boat Club:

This burn-off took place on Tuesday;

As a result of it Eildon Township, Taylor Bay, the Eildon  Boat Club and Lake Eildon Marina are today a Safer Place.

A big THANKYOU to the CFA Volunteers & DELWP staff for successfully completing this highly complex burn-off.

There are some photos on the HCHS Facebook page.

Today there is still some smoke haze and it is gradually dissipating.

Hopefully, it will all be clear by the weekend; it is suppossed to be clear by then from this burn-off.


Have a great and safe Easter in our wonderful special place @ Lake Eildon.

There are many activities that you can enjoy; just to name three:-

Eildon Lions Monster Community Market on Easter Saturday Morning in Moore Park in Eildon.

The Easter Fair in Rotary Park Alexandra on Easter Sunday with great entertainment, local wines, kids amusements, plus, plus, plus.

The Red Hot Summer Tour on Easter Sunday night at the Bonnie Doon Hotel with Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, The Angels & Mark Seymour.

To find out about all activities over Easter you can listen to Good Morning Murrindindi on UGFM (106.9FM) on Saturday morning from 7.00am until 10.00am; hosted by yours truly.

YES, I will be on deck everyday throughout the Easter break if you would like to talk Houseboats.

Save a few coins for the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal collectors on the way up on Thursday night or on Good Friday.

Have a great & safe Easter



Enjoy the Magic.

Love Lake Eildon

Keep safe & respect the Water

Remember, you can always check out the Lake on the Web Cam http://lakeeildon.com/

Mob: 0417 588 455

Email: mike@hchouseboatsales.com.au

Web Site: http://highcountryhouseboatsales.com.au/


Love Lake Eildon

Love Lake Eildon