Cultured Kitchen
It’s back to routine and you know what that means.
Back to lunch prep and back to jam packed weekday
schedules. But that doesn’t mean your meals have to suffer.
Keep that takeout menu in the cupboard, because we’ve
got quick and easy lunch and dinner ideas the whole
family will love.
These Tuna Spring Rolls make for an easy and tasty
school lunch. Get the kids to help by choosing their
favourite veggies and then get rolling with
Blue Dragon’s Spring Roll Wrappers.

For two or just for you, this recipe using authentic Patak’s
Butter Chicken will have you mixing in a little India in no time.

A delicious recipe using Blue Dragon’s Coconut Milk,
Thai Red Curry Paste, and thinly sliced chicken breast.
Serve it over a bed of steamed rice for a quick
and easy weekday meal.

Get even more recipes that take your favourite BBQ
dishes and infuse them with unforgettable Patak’s and
Blue Dragon flavours. It’s all been added to the latest
version of The Eastern Apron Cookbook.

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