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Welcome to MIKE'S MUMBLES Snippet No: 21

Water Levels for the Rest of the Season???

It must be a good omen for the rest of the Year, the kids have gone back to School and it is not stinking hot, but good beautiful soaking rain.

Whay's going on?

The scientists that predicted the dry hot El Nino have now predicted a very wet La Nina for this year.

Hope they are right.

Mike's Mumbles Snippet No.14 @ 9th October 2015 predicted 50% at Christmas (actual 48%) and 44% at Australia Day (Great guess, spot on).

OK guesses/predictions for March Labor Day/Moomba Long Weekend & Easter (Last Weekend in March).

We know the worst case scenario for the end of the Irrigation Season on the 15th May 2016 is 30% of capacity.

Currently, we are at 43.7%

6 weeks to Labor Day/Moomba Long Weekend; then the guess is 38% of Capacity.

8 weeks to Easter; then the guess is 36%.

At 36% we will have over 2 SYDNEY HARBORS to enjoy.

Plenty of water to have fun on.

What effect will this recent good rain have?

It won't do much for increasing the Lake levels at the moment as the Catchment is too dry, however, it will lessen the Bushfire Risk slightly, settle the dust, give the gardens a good drink, and put water into drinking water tanks.

More importantly, at this time of the year, the Irrigation Farmers crops & pastures got a good drink as well. This will lessen their orders for water until the next hot spell and consequently keep back more water in the Lake.

The other effect is that Irrigation Farmers are currently only receiving 85% of their High Security Water Rights Allocation. With more water in the system, because of these good rains, their allocation could be increased to 87% or 90% of their High Security Water Rights. 

If we do receive good late Summer and Autumn rains the possible impact is that the Irrigation Farmers will not require the water they have held in reserve in case it continued to be dry and under "Carryover Water Policies" they will be able to keep their water in the Bank, i.e. Lake Eildon.

The ability to have "Carryover Water" is good for Recreational Users of the Lake as the Lake will be higher than it otherwise would be and secondly the Farmers can store the water and not waste it.

It is far too early to guess the levels for Melbourne Cup Weekend.

February, especially mid-week, has always been my favorite Summer time on Lake Eildon; hot weather, good nights to sleep comfortably, still water, nobody around and peaceful.

Don't tell anyone my secret.

Following are some photos of what 44% looks like.

Remember only 2 and a bit SYDNEY HARBORS for EASTER to enjoy.

Enjoy the Magic.

Love Lake Eildon

Keep safe & respect the Water



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44% @ Lake Eildon Magical 


44% @ Lake Eildon Got To Love It


44% @ Lake Eildon Enjoy the Magic