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First of all, as you may have noticed, our Lab Notes newsletter has been on hiatus for the summer. Sorry about that! We’ve been so busy making games, we just didn’t have time. We’re game designers after all, not magicians. Hopefully we can stay on schedule now.

Anyway, we’re super excited to announce that Looney Labs has boldly gone where no Fluxx game has gone before! As of August 2nd, Star Trek Fluxx and Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx have both beamed down to a game store near you!

We decided to publish both versions at the same time since the Kirk and Picard crews each have so many fans, and we didn’t want to disappoint anyone!

But that’s not all! Andy designed each version to stand alone, but he also optimized the two decks to work well in combination. That’s right, for the first time, Andy has created a pair of Fluxx decks that are actually meant to be shuffled together! (People often ask if Fluxx decks can be combined, and until now we’ve discouraged this.)

Of course, what’s really needed when combining a pair of Fluxx decks are new goals that “bridge” the gaps between the decks, by calling for one Keeper from each game. So we made that, too! It’s called the Bridge Pack and in addition to ten “connector” goals, it also includes the Bridge, which counts as the bridge of either Enterprise!

Set a course for galaxy-sized fun with all three products!

The latest artist to create game art for Looney Labs is named Kevin Hill! We considered many candidates when choosing the artist for our Star Trek games, and we’re simply delighted with the stylish illustrations he created for Star Trek Fluxx and Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx. Kevin’s studio, Watership Creative, has done work for an impressive list of other game companies, so you’ve probably seen Kevin’s work before and not realized it.

Watership Creative is a design and illustration studio with a passion for tabletop games. With a combined 30 years experience, they create, design and illustrate in a huge range of styles and mediums to bring a game and an idea to life. When lead artist Kevin isn’t designing or illustrating for clients, he is creating his own games, playing the incredible work of others and attending gaming conventions. Kevin says, “Collaborating on Star Trek Fluxx with Looney Labs was such a highlight of the studio's work this year. Such a fun, friendly and easy team to create with!”

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This month's shirt design is really cool. It will be available to order for the next two weeks for only $20! Order it now, so you can get it on your body later!

And don't forget some Fluxx Soxx to warm your toesies!

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Looney Labs will be at NAGC’s national conference for a second year. Kristin Looney and Looney Labs’ resident teacher, Laurie, will be demoing games, handing out freebies and information about the value of games in education, forging new industry partnerships, and showing off our new line of customizable card games. If you are the teacher or parent of a gifted child, come out to Minneapolis and see what NAGC and Looney Labs have to offer!

The National Association for Gifted Children’s Annual Convention is the largest gathering devoted to gifted and talented education. It offers valuable information and inspiration to nearly 3,000 K-12 teachers, university professionals, parents, and others who support gifted children through 300+ content rich sessions, keynote addresses, student performances and artwork, a poster gallery of research, an exhibit hall, Family Day, and networking opportunities.


PAX Unplugged

Looney Labs will have a booth and two demo tables with ALL the fun! Kristin, Andy, and the Looney Labs crew will be handing out promo cards, signing autographs, demoing games, showing off cool new prototypes, (hopefully) creating a new Fluxx in front of a live audience, and selling all 22 versions of Fluxx, Pinny Arcade pins, and much more! Come play Chrononauts, Zendo, Pyramid Arcade, Get the MacGuffin, and ALL the Fluxxes with the Looneys!

PAX Unplugged is a new addition to the Penny Arcade line of conventions. While most of their conventions are more video game focussed, this one is geared exclusively to tabletop games. Last year was its inaugural year and a huge success! Other conventions in this line include PAX West (formerly called PAX Prime), PAX South, PAX East, PAX Australia, and PAX-DEV.



Kristin and Andy will be gaming Guests of Honor at Pensacon. Though it’s too early for specifics, they will undoubtedly be available to play games, show off prototypes, and sign autographs. They may also be giving talks or holding other events as well. Stay tuned for details!

Founded in 2013, Pensacon is the premiere comic book and pop culture convention serving Pensacola and the Gulf Coast. The event will feature cosplaying, an official qualifier for the Catan National Championships, a short film festival, game show nights, and autograph and photo opportunities with an impressive line-up of celebrity guests. Some of these guests include Summer Glau from Firefly, Garrett Wang from Star Trek: Voyager, Colin Baker and Catherine Tate from Doctor Who, and Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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A:  Many Star Trek fans respond to the great “Kirk vs. Picard” debate with "Janeway” and I can’t argue with those who consider DS-9 the best of all Star Treks. And even though we did the first two at the same time, you can’t do everything at once, so later shows are just going to have to wait until, well, later. But the good news is, I’ve already got a design for DS-9 hammered out and we’ve started getting sketches for the characters from Kevin. (But even more exciting is the new version of Chrononauts I’m developing, which will span the entire history of the Star Trek universe! But again, all in good time.)

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Whether you are a teacher, homeschooler, student, or just have an interest in education; this Facebook group is the place to be!

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Bobe's has been serving the Pensacola community since 1954.  They carry a wide variety of board games, card games, family games, miniature games, plastic models, model railroads, radio control, art supplies, puzzles, kites, and more!  They host game nights every Monday and Friday, and there's always a lot going on every Saturday too.  They also run the gaming at Pensacon every February; join them for 24 hour gaming throughout the con!

They have an extensive selection of demo games you can come try out for yourself as well!

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