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Notice of EMTC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Hi Everyone,

It's time to hold our AGM and vote for the next Committee.

The AGM will be held on 30th November 2014 at 5:30pm in the Club rooms.

We have been extremely fortunate to have such a great Committee this year and I wish to personally thank all of them. The Club is in good shape and our future looks very positive, thanks to their tireless efforts.

If you are considering putting your name down to join the committee, you will need to complete our 2014/15 Committee Nomination Form - click here (Please note: the completed form must be returned by Sunday 16th November 2014)

To facilitate the voting process (if required), we will circulate all written submissions prior to the AGM so you are fully informed.  A lot has been achieved, and yet there is plenty more to do. It is not a token role, and you will need to set aside an amount of time each month.

Here are some of this years highlights:

  • Updating the Constitution. A draft Constitution is substantially complete and will be circulated to members for discussion, early next year. Thanks in particular to Glenn and our  non committee member, Michael Corry.
  • Finalising the contract with Futures Tennis Academy. Thanks to Chris, Ralph and the Committee.
  • Commencement of Monday and Thursday Social Competitions. 
  • Setting up the new office for Deb, and converting the old one into an FTA office. Thanks to Rohan and Deb.
  • Building stronger relationships with Stonnington Council, Tennis Victoria and Tennis Australia. Thanks to Ralph, Leigh and Karen.
  • Writing a new Business Plan and submission to Stonnington Council for funding. Thanks to Karen and Glenn for their work.
  • Sourcing of Club sponsorship. Thanks to Rohan and Karen.
  • Formalising our working relationship with our Caretakers, Robin and Helen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two of them for their wonderful work.

Maintaining our high level of maintenance around the club.  Improvements including:

  •   The synthetic grass around the pool,
  •   A water tap at the Court 7&8 Shelter,
  •   Additional lighting for the paths.

Thanks to Rohan, Robin and Clive for their efforts.

All of these things have been achieved without negatively impacting our finances.

I should also thank Rohan for his outstanding efforts on the maintenance front. He has worked very effectively with Clive and Robin to keep the place running seamlessly, so the rest of us can come and enjoy our Tennis. The last couple of  times we had wind gusts, and lost significant amounts of court surface, Robin was there in a flash. With some help, all the courts were up and running within two days. Robin will be looking after the pool for us as well.

Our new Vice President Chris has steered us through some important decisions. Having someone with his legal expertise and enthusiasm has been invaluable to me. He has worked very well with Peter Car to increase the number of teams playing Night Competition.
The same is true for Rohan and Alan Young with the Weekend/Pennant competitions.
I also thank Leigh for her work with the Midweek Ladies. Leigh is about to let us know about the next charity event.
Speaking of upcoming events, I should thank Natalie for continuing to organise our Christmas events. More news on that to follow. (You can put Sunday 7th December 2014 in your diary for our Club Christmas Party.)

Our committee, and especially Ian Fuelscher, have continued to promote and develop junior tennis. We have 21 junior teams for summer which is a clear record number of junior players. We have juniors also participating in pennant and senior competitions as they transition to senior members. This is an area that we are keen to develop for the health of the club. Ian's efforts are above and beyond the call of duty. We are very fortunate to have him.

Onofrio has worked tirelessly on the financial side of the club. We have now moved financial systems to Xero online, which is no mean feat, in itself. We tend to take all his work for granted, and we shouldn't.

I would like to acknowledge the fine work of the three committee members who were not able to complete the year with us, due to work, family and other time commitments. Sue and Kirsty did a great job, including Court Talk, and Mahesh, on issues around Information Technology. Sue also help Deb with the transition into her current role.

The biggest thanks probably should go to the person who is really in charge of us all, Deb. She cheerfully delivers on everything that the club requires. We have a gem in this one. Her positivity and Can-Do approach is brilliant.

If you have any questions about the AGM or any other Club related matter, please call me.

Kind Regards,
EMTC President