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Over 350,000 Kiwis are ready to ShakeOut!

Thank you for signing up to take part in New Zealand ShakeOut, our national earthquake drill at 9.15am, 15 October 2015.

There is less than three months to go until the drill so get that plan in place and tell everyone. We are aiming for 1.5 million participants for New Zealand ShakeOut. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to sign up at www.shakeout.govt.nz

If you’ve signed up a school or business to take part, download our Champion Guides at www.shakeout.govt.nz/resources to find out how you can get the most out of New Zealand ShakeOut and help others too.

ShakeOut tip #1: Make your place safe

Identifying and minimizing hazards can make a big difference in the event of an earthquake.

This month we highlight ways to make your environment safe. Conduct a walk-through of your home, school and workplace identifying safe places and potential hazards that can be minimised.

Tips to make your place safe:

  • Fix tall furniture such as bookcases and cabinets to walls.
  • Place a non-slip mat under the tv.
  • Bluetack ornaments to shelves.
  • Close picture hooks.
  • Don’t mount heavy objects like mirrors or picture frames above beds or seating areas.
  • Brace the hot water cylinder to surrounding framing.

Identify safe places nearby:

  • Under a sturdy piece of furniture
  • Under your desk or workbench
  • Next to a wall away from windows and heavy furniture
  • In an area clear of power lines, buildings, streetlights and trees.

You’ll find more information and tips to make your place safe at www.getthru.govt.nz

ShakeOut tip #2: Remember your pets

Remember to identify and minimize hazards in areas where your pets shelter, sleep and hide. Like people animals are affected by earthquakes too. If you’re not home, make sure your pet will have a safe place to shelter.

Jeremy Corbett teaches us to ‘drop cover and hold’

Jeremy Corbett, cheeky host of television comedy 7 Days, is the latest well-known Kiwi to sign up to New Zealand ShakeOut 2015.

With less than three month until New Zealand ShakeOut Jeremy goes over the drop, cover and hold drill in the 7 Days studio, reminding us all an earthquake can happen at any time.

You can watch the video via the NZ Get Thru Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nzgetthru or on You Tube at https://youtu.be/J4ZYeV2pHvw.

We’d love you to share it with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up to New Zealand ShakeOut too. 

Stay tuned to find out who else is participating in New Zealand ShakeOut 2015!

Klemlyn Dairies prepares for New Zealand ShakeOut

Different environments bring different challenges to earthquake preparedness.

Clem Le Lievre of Klemlyn Dairies Ltd is well aware of this and is taking steps to identify and minimize hazards as well as consider an evacuation plan. Le Lievre was involved in ShakeOut 2012 in an office setting and this experience made him consider the different risks in different settings.

Situated on the Rangitaiki Plains, Klemlyn Dairies is between Edgecumbe and Matata in the Bay of Plenty. The small dairy farm of 220 head of cattle sustained minor damage to buildings and significant drainage issues during the Edgecumbe earthquake in 1987 and has a subsidiary fault running through the property. The farm is also on the edge of the tsunami inundation zone making evacuation plans difficult and important.

Part of Klemlyn Dairies preparation includes identifying and minimizing hazards and developing an evacuation plan. Le Leivre has identified hazards around the milking shed such as a 5000L water tank above one exit, a grain silo, power lines and an effluent pond and is taking steps to fix and fasten what he can. Additionally, Le Lievre is evaluating how quickly activity can continue. “Last time there was no power to milk the cows or chill milk and the dairy company could not collect anyway. We also need to be sure the cows have a water supply if the reticulation system is damaged.”

To develop an evacuation plan Le Lievre is going to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council for more information about tsunami risk in the area. He has already identified getting to higher ground involves crossing a river where the bridge could become damaged. Another evacuation route is across the plains which could be within the flood path of the Matahina dam close by.

Klemlyn Dairies ShakeOut drill will be held at 3pm on 15 October, just before milking when the cows are in the shed. Staff will be in the pit where there is nothing to hold onto or shelter under. The recommended drill for this environment is to drop to the ground, sit against the wall and protect your neck and head with your arms. Le Leivre muses “What could fall on us - the milk-line, receiving can, a cow?”

The main objective for Klemlyn Dairies when participating in ShakeOut is safety. Le Lievre has spent considerable time identifying and reducing hazards around the dairy farm and forming an evacuation plan.

For more ideas on what to do before during and after an earthquake in different environments visit www.getthru.govt.nz

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