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That worn-out copy of Fluxx 5.0 is looking a little ill. But wait! What is that bright light coming out of the box? What is that sound - is that a second heartbeat? The bright light gets stronger and stronger. Fluxx is... Fluxx is... regenerating! Please welcome everyone's favorite regenerator mixed with everyone's favorite game of ever-changing rules: Doctor Who Fluxx!

Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: you'll play it time after time after time after time...

Doctor Who Fluxx releases on November 23rd (54 years after the first episode aired)! Please preorder Doctor Who Fluxx from your local game store. Give the future version of you a gift that's out of this world!

BBC, DOCTOR WHO (word marks, logos and devices), TARDIS, DALEKS, CYBERMAN and K-9 (word marks and devices) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo © BBC 1996. Doctor Who logo © BBC 1996. Dalek image © BBC/ Terry Nation 1963. Cyberman image © BBC/Kit Pedler/Gerry Davis 1966. K-9 image © BBC/Bob Baker/Dave Martin 1977.

Just Desserts is our hit game about serving customers the sweets they desire. Earlier this year, we added some savory into the mix with the Better with Bacon expansion. But now, it's time to amp up the game even further, because sometimes the best thing to have with your Just Desserts is Just Coffee!!

Just Coffee is a caffeinated new expansion for Just Desserts, adding six new edibles and four new customers. We think it's really great, but don't take our word for it. Here's a testimonial from Just Coffee's very own Mr. Jitters: Oh my goodness Just Coffee is fantastic and I really love coffee and I might have had too much today but it's really wonderful and my favorite dessert is in the Just Coffee expansion which is chocolate espresso beans of course and I just eat them by the handful and you should get Just Coffee for yourself and add it to your Just Desserts deck and play every day and if you get tired all you have to do is have more coffee!!!!!

Get Just Coffee from your local game store on September 21, and don't forget to pick up Just Desserts and its other expansion: Better with Bacon!

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This month's shirt design is really cool. It will be available for preorder for the next two weeks for only $20! Get it on preorder now, so you can get it on your body later!

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Kristin and Andy will be running games and looking forward to talking to YOU in their own con-within-a-con space, the Looney Lounge!

Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest. The convention features role-playing games, board games, fantasy and historical miniature gaming, and collectible card games. Gamehole Con is for the fantasy and adventure tabletop gaming enthusiast. Gamehole Con features the best guests in the industry, an unbelievable Dealer Hall and of course, lots and lots of gaming!


PAX Unplugged

Looney Labs will have a booth with ALL the fun! Kristin, Andy, and the Looney Labs crew will be handing out promo cards, signing autographs, demoing games, showing off cool new prototypes, and selling all 17 versions of Fluxx, and then some! Come play Pyramid Arcade, Loonacy, Just Desserts, and ALL the Fluxxes with the Looneys!

PAX Unplugged will be an exciting analog-focused extension of our already existing portfolio of PAX events. The creators of PAX found that the Tabletop parts of PAX had grown and grown to the point where they said, "You know what? Let's make a show that's just that."


Dice Tower Cruise 2017

Kristin Looney and her assistant, Laurie, will once again be bringing some fun to the Dice Tower Cruise! This year they plan to play a lot of Zendo, along with pyramid games, board games, and card games galore!

The Dice Tower is excited to announce its second annual Dice Tower Cruise! This is a 5 day, 4 night cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and traveling to Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. Food, fun, prizes, and 24-hour-a-day gaming! This is a unique experience you won’t want to miss!

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Q: Will Doctor Who Fluxx include the 13th Doctor?

A:  Sorry, but no. The game was already on its way to the printer when they announced who #13 will be, and it will still be awhile before we see what Jodie Whittaker really looks like as the new Doctor. So the timing just wasn’t right for her. (Get it? Timing?) But place your bets as to how long it will be before we bring her out as a promo card!

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Whether you have a casual fascination with the Looney Pyramids, are a dedicated Starship Captain, or just want to know about Pyramid Arcade, this FB group is the place to be!

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Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe carries a wide range of hand chosen, educational, and fun toys for gifts, holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion. Their goal is to be an evolving business organization that benefits everyone involved, to be successful in human as well as financial goals, and to be a catalyst for positive social change.

Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe's goal is the same as it was when it started, over 30 years ago: offering high quality, aesthetically pleasing playthings that contribute to a child’s learning and development. And with three locations in the Front Range of Colorado, Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe does just that. Also, they've been voted The Best Children’s Store in Boulder for over 38 years!