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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Our children love their sponsors. This past visit, they continually asked me to take pictures for their sponsors, and more than that the children want to know them by name. They love knowing someone across the world is praying for them and loving them. So this picture is a few of our children posing for their sponsors. Over and over again they asked me to tell their sponors, "I love you!"

New Land

This is the new piece of land that we purchased this spring. It is the first piece that has been purchased for our future children's home for orphans and child slaves. There are several more pieces still to purchase. Thank you to everyone who has felt the call to help us in this endeavor.

Shoes and Flip-Flops

Footwear is a never ending need in Macomb. It isn't uncommon to see children wearing shoes with no soles.

This March each of our children received a new pair of shoes or flip-flops. There were many smiling faces as children were eager to try on their new shoes and show them to their friends and parents.

Our children will need school shoes in the fall. If you would be willing to donate new or gently used children's  dress shoes or tennis shoes, we would greatly appreciate them.

Party Time in Haiti

On Dec 31st, we had a huge Christmas/New Year’s celebration for all the children in our school and feeding program. And it wasn’t just our kids who came to this event, but their siblings came, moms and dads came, and other children in the community came to share this evening together. It was an evening of songs, laughter, a lot of food including fried chicken (a must have at any good Haitian party) and of course presents. Dolls, hacky sacks, trucks, cars . . . the children laughed and cheered hugging their new toys and wanted to show off these new treasures in front of the camera. One reason this night was so special for this community is that many of these children have never had a new toy of their own. It was the first time anyone gave them something just simply to make them happy. For tonight it wasn’t about the necessities needed by those living in poverty. It was just about fun. It was about giving the gift of joy.

Shilo School ... Our New Classrooms

When Shilo Mission School started in fall of 2013, we were located in Shilo Church, not an ideal location, but we were grateful for the space. Today, we have a brand new, four classroom school building where classes are held during the day and the feeding program at night.

With the start of this school year, we also added three new positions to our Shilo school staff: one teacher (1st grade), a cook for the school, and a grounds keeper. It is a blessing to watch our family grow and to see the new jobs provided for the people of this community. Love Feeds OUR World now has 12 Haitian employees.

As we plan for fall 2015, we will need to build two additional classrooms.

Summer Missions Teams

Summer teams are forming now. To get more information about joining a summer team, visit http://lovefeedsourworld.org/mission-trips.

Love Feeds OUR World is a 501c3 non-profit charity. All donations are tax deductible.