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Top 100 Golf Courses "BiteSize" – August 2018

Time waits for no man, or woman. With the FedExCup Playoffs well and truly upon us, it seems inconceivable that earlier this month Brooks Koepka won his second major of 2018 by holding off a resurgent Tiger Woods to claim the 100th PGA Championship. Koepka wins 100th PGA for second major in 2018.

Bellerive Country Club hosted the PGA Championship and M. James Ward interviewed four architects who weighed in with their views of this modern design – Behind the architectural curtain. The same author also says Adios to August and questions whether Mayday can save the PGA? Adios August can Mayday save PGA.

After five months of extensive polling, research and late night deliberations, we’ve finally completed our biennial US Best in State ranking reappraisals which conclude with the release of the three powerful Mid-Atlantic states and the six states that form our New England division. Also this month, our editor tells the story behind a week-long tour of the best courses around Paris and Richard Smith declares that Bandon Dunes is not only for guys.

US Mid-Atlantic Division Best in State Rankings 2018

We feature a total of 170 courses across the three Mid-Atlantic States of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, with no fewer than twenty-five of these listed in our US Top 100. Fifteen also reside within our World Top 100, so describing this region as high-powered is by no means overstating its importance both nationally and internationally.

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US New England Division Best in State Rankings 2018

We list 145 courses throughout the six New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, with ten of the layouts also listed inside our US Top 100. New England might be one of the smaller geographical areas in the US but there’s no shortage of great golf courses in the birthplace of America.

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Fabulous France – where golf is fantastique!

Our man in France, Nicolas Aubert, recently set up a week-long tour of top tracks in and around Paris, with a cast list that included half the national Top 10 – all of which reside inside the Top 15 of our Continental Europe listings. Here’s how events unfolded when we set out to play this stellar roster of French courses…

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Bandon Dunes - not only for the guys

Richard Smith thought that Bandon Dunes was the ultimate destination for “guys” – somehow he persuaded his wife Ruth to join him on the Oregon trip to find out if the resort might also appeal to “gals”.

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Review of the Month July 2018 – Myopia Hunt

With a golf course that has the distinction of being the only course in America to have two of the top 100 signature holes in the United States, and a Master of the Hounds who mans the hounds for hunts three seasons of each year, and the oldest continually running polo field in the country, there is a lot to be seen and said about Myopia.

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