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Welcome to the June edition of the DigitalX Newsletter. This past month has seen significant developments at DigitalX, most importantly the launch of our mobile application, AirPocket!

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Company Update

With much excitement, AirPocket is now available for download on both the Apple and Android App Stores in the United States! Download AirPocket here.

The initial launch of AirPocket leverages our partnership with Telefonica, a top five global telecom operator, and gives AirPocket direct connection to over 230 million mobile devices in Latin America. With AirPocket, users in the United States can directly recharge the mobile phones of their friends and relatives in Latin America.

We have received a great deal of press coverage on the launch and partnership with Telefonica. Refer to the bottom of this newsletter for some examples.

Together with Telefonica, DigitalX is currently testing various marketing campaigns to create an optimal marketing message to promote theĀ AirPocket App across Latin America. Telefonica will directly market AirPocket to its subscribers through an SMS campaign while DigitalX will supplement the effort to drive downloads and usage with a campaign targeting consumers across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information on this campaign, read our press release here.

Market Update

Bitcoin has been making waves lately. A cursory search on Google Trends for “price of bitcoin” shows increasing interest in the last 90 days:


Source: Google Trends

As interest in bitcoin rises, so does the price. Many industry insiders point to both China and the upcoming halving in supply of bitcoins as the sources driving the recent increase in the bitcoin price to a level not seen in the past 20 months.

Experts believe that the devaluation of the Yuan is causing the Chinese to buy bitcoins, which in turn drives the price. Other insiders point to the upcoming “halving” event where the supply of new bitcoins will drop by half as the reason for the increase. In other words, as per the bitcoin protocol, bitcoin miners will only receive 12.5 BTC vs the current 25 BTC as a reward for finding new blocks. The “halving” is expected to occur in early July.  

Increased interest in the bitcoin price has subsequently driven interest in the underlying technology, the blockchain. Banks continue to explore ways in which the blockchain technology can bring efficiencies and cost savings to their operations.

Blue chip companies such as IBM and Microsoft seem to launch new blockchain projects almost weekly; and as expected, startups continue to dream up new ways to apply blockchain technology to industries ripe for disruption, including insurance and healthcare.  

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