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20% more urban green space by 2020
We are only six months into 2015 and the 202020 Vision has grown from an initial great idea to a hive of activity. We have put together a detailed update for NGIA members below on the work that we are doing to increase and improve green space by 20% by 2020. 
Highlights include the release of The 202020 Vision Plan which outlines how we intend to achieve our vision, as well as the upcoming National Urban Forest Masterclass and workbook which will equip every council in Australia with the tools they need to create an urban forest of their own. 
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OVER 150 projects now on the 202020 vision map

the 202020 Vision plan
The 202020 Vision has launched a national plan to see a 20% increase in currently declining urban green space by 2020.
Crowd-sourced from a brain trust of 500 cross-sector greening experts, The 202020 Vision Plan showcases some of the most innovative, proven, scalable and replicable solutions needed to have more plants and trees in urban areas. 
The 202020 Vision Plan clearly outlines the types of projects and activities we need to achieve our objective and where our focus will be in coming years - it is well worth a read!
Download a copy of the plan here.
urban forest masterclass
Of the solutions outlined in The 202020 Vision Plan, How to Create an Urban Forest is considered by the 202020 Vision Community to be the most potent for creating more and better green space in our urban areas.
Imagine if every urban council in the country had a tangible plan to create more green space?
The purpose of this resource is to share urban forestry learning and skills through a practical and adaptable methodology. The first National Urban Forest Masterclass for councils will take place on June 25 in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria) and the City of Melbourne. 
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Our second and third special reports with the australian were published this year.
Highlights included sustainable design, mitigation of urban heat island effects, a profile of the Western Sydney Parklands and Canberra's NewActon Precinct. 
we published our fifth special report with the australian financial review. 
This report looked at our partner organisation City of Sydney, urban greening to mitigate the growing concern of climate change, a profile on CBRE's workplace productivity with the roll out of the office greening initiative and Origin's green walls. 

The Sunday Telegraph covered the launch of The 202020 Vision Plan.

This report highlighted the recent heat and tree canopy report from network partners Penrith City Council and University of Technology, Sydney. Click here to read this report. 
coming soon...

Following the launch of the How To Create an Urban Forest workbook on 25 June, the 202020 Vision will be co-hosting the Masterclass event series across the country in 2015-2016. 


Keep an eye out for a Masterclass near you! 

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