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The EMTC Committee is focused on positioning the Club well for the future.  As such we have been reflecting on whether our logo is still consistent with our strengths and provides the optimum Club appeal/identity.

As a tennis club, a logo is an important part of our identity. It is also an opportunity to provide community recognition and standing. This benefits the Club directly in terms of new member attraction and retention thus assisting with financial sustainability. Indirectly it provides broader community recognition in terms of presence and strength as a Club with ensuing sponsorship opportunities as an example. We recognise that history is important and our current logo reflects our history. Yet we also recognise that our history is not necessarily our competitive advantage / signature strength. We believe our family friendly values, demographics and culture are more valuable for our sustainability.

After feedback from our membership community we are considering a new logo for the club. We would like to get your VOTE to determine whether we remain with the existing logo or make a change to the new.

We will also have a display area in the clubhouse with examples of how the new and existing logos look on a tennis shirt/sign.

Every member of EMTC is entitled to vote so please follow the link to the survey.  You will need to click on the link again, for each vote to be cast if you have a family membership. You may also vote in the Clubhouse if you wish.  For your vote to count you must include your name. One vote per financial member.

Please note all votes will be kept confidential.


Thank you for investing the time in helping shape our club for the future. 

EMTC Committee