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2016 - feeling different already!

Hello February!

Did you miss us? January is usually a quieter month for Airport Lynx and yet we didn't find time to get our newsletter out to you all - that's how busy it is at the moment! Previously, we've found that our customers are usually researching travel, agreeing meetings and making plans for the year ahead. 2016 already feels very different - we think that our clients are starting the year as they mean to go on - getting more done, with increasing efficiency - flying and travelling to meetings left, right and centre.

That's the great thing about Airport Lynx - we're here whenever you need us. This week alone, we've had several long term clients phone and say "Can you do a shorter journey?" and then follow up with "and can you be here in an hour?" to which we say "of course". Wev'e literally heard the sighs of relief on the phone when we've been needed at short notice.  If you ever find yourself in this position, don't worry, just call us on 01223 440040 - we're here to help and will do our very best to get you to wherever you need to be, safely and in style. 

Meet the Team - Marius Damian

Airport Lynx - Claire Wombwell

This month’s star of meet the driver is Marius Damian. The interview with him, to be able to write this post was so interesting – we talked for quite a while! Originally from Romania, he’s about to turn 29 years old and is worried that age is creeping up on him!! This made us all laugh in the Airport Lynx Office and he couldn’t understand why…. Known to us all here as Damian, he came to us as friend of one of our existing drivers and has been with us for nearly three years.
I asked him all the usual questions about who he is and the conversation was relatively normal until I asked him as to which car he’d choose, if he could have any in the world. He told me he wouldn’t have just one – he’d want several cars as projects to restore and work on! One of them would have to be a VW Camper Van though – he was very clear on that! He then told me that he’s been playing, tinkering and restoring cars all of his life with his Dad – that they used to have car engines on the kitchen table with his Dad and that his Mum used to be relatively ok with it! Read the full interview here...


E-Luminate - the trail of light!

John Lewis Beauty Evening

February is a busy month for events in Cambridge – the E Luminate season of events takes place primarily in half term week with events aimed at adults, children and families. Venues are right across the City and there’s a mix of day, evening and weekend things on. We checked in today with Lumie – they are one of the sponsors and a Cambridge based tech business themselves. They were telling us about a new additional to the timetable – the harnessing of light in medtech. We were fascinated – light affects almost every aspect of our lives, in more ways than we know and currently understand. This talk explores the advancement in light technology and focuses on two different applications - to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and to treat loss of sight with people suffering diabetic retinopathy.. Read the full article here.... 

Save the date - Thursday 3rd March

We had so much positive feedback from our first event with John Lewis Cambridge's Beauty team, that we've taken the plunge and decided to do it again! We'll send out an email with the full details next week - but for now, please save the evening of Thursday 3rd March for us - and some pampering in the John Lewis Beauty team! 

And finally, a quick stat for you - in January, we saw a real increase in the numbers of individual passengers booking with us via our app. Our booking app is really popular and we'd love for you to take a look at it. If you're not sure how to use it, please call the office so that we can take you through the set up step by step. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use it and how much time it will save you going forwards, once it's set up! 

Have a great month, from us all at Airport Lynx