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Night Tennis or Midweek Ladies Competition Interest??

Decision time now for Spring Season starting late July..


Individuals and new teams need to act now for the season starting July.  There is a deadline of Friday 16th May for Blackburn District Night Tennis Assoc (BDNTA), and Waverley District Tennis Assoc (WDTA) is also soon.

East Malvern TC has 14 teams playing night tennis. Mens, Womens, Open, Mixed, Doubles singles/doubles and Singles are possible.  There is room for new teams on Mondays and Wednesdays, and possibly just one more team on Tuesday.  We will do our best to fit new players into existing teams or put together new teams. We will probably be making up another Open Singles/doubles team from new members we know want to play.

Night tennis is from about 7.15 pm to 10.00 pm. It is home and away, usually within 20 mins driving distance from Malvern East.  Spring season is from July to early December, no school holidays or Melbourne Cup week play.
Those who want to play or form a team should contact Chris Woods 0407 869 660 or 9793 7888, or email admin@eastmalverntc.com.au with your details by Wednesday 14th May at the latest please.


Midweek Ladies will also be calling for Spring players/teams shortly.  We play in BRTA, MEMRLTA, EDWTA and WDTA on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  See our website for more details, http://www.eastmalverntc.com.au

If you would like to play Midweek Ladies please phone or email Debra Bolic in the Admin Office on 9886 0858 or admin@eastmalvertc.com.au

Please note: You must be a financial member of East Malvern Tennis Club to play in any of these competitions.

We look forward to hearing from you..