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August 2014
Issue 02
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Volcano lightning heard halfway around the world

The Earth sings every day - with the melody of millions of lightning bolts from erupting volcanoes. A listener in New Zealand can hear volcano lightning from as far off as Alaska, a new study reports.

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Volcanic Lightning
baby   Male vs female brains: what's the difference?

Basic physical differences between women's and men's brains start in the womb and go right down to the genetic code. However, environment also plays a vital role.

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Big Data Revolution   The big data revolution

Researchers are now engaging in data-intensive research where the volume, velocity and variety exceeds their capacity to extract information from it. What are the challenges in Africa?

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Stone age Artifacts   Rich Stone Age site in SA under threat

Excavations at an archaeological site at Kathu in the Northern Cape province of South Africa have produced tens of thousands of tools almost 1 million years old.

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African Cities   Africa's cities: crying out for re-imagination

Africa is second only to Asia in its number of city dwellers, and its urban population is growing rapidly. Yet understanding of African cities lags behind their development.

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More research at UCT
Heart Valve   Township Mobile   Changyraptor Yang
UCT-designed heart valve brings hope to Africa   Mobile phones help township residents feel a sense of belonging   125-million-year-old Changyuraptor sheds light on dinosaur flight
Coleen Moloney   Karen Silwa   Billiton Awards
Marine scientist wins Gilchrist medal – first woman in 27 years   Heart problems in pregnancy are common, says cardiologist in Lancet profile   From asthma to aeronautics:
UCT research bags 3 NSTF-BHP Billiton awards
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