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Security Upgrade (Keys) & our Restricted Club Liquor Licence

The Committee has decided to introduce new, restricted keys and locks, mainly for security purposes. Currently, we have no way of knowing how many keys are in circulation and who has those keys.  The old system also allowed for anyone to copy a key without the Club’s knowledge. In order to ensure that the right people have keys, we will be recording who has the key and taking a deposit to cover possible replacement. THe keys include the front/back gates, Clubhouse, light box, bar fridge and Admin Office. 

There will be a Key Register held in the Admin Office and a $20 Security Deposit will need to be paid for every key issued.  This deposit will be refunded when you no longer require the key, and it is returned to the Admin Office.  If you lose your key the deposit is forfeited.  We envisage that keys should only be required by Social Tennis Representatives and Night Comp Team Captains.

Please reply, via email, by WEDNEDAY 28th MAY 2014  if you believe you require a key and why, so we can arrange for a key.  Once we have the list of all who require keys, we will email you details of when the changeover will happen and how you can collect your key.

As you are aware we have a Restricted Club Licence at EMTC.  A lot of our members enjoy the benefit of us having this. It would be a great pity if we lost it. This Licence allows members to share a drink with fellow members, and guest after their games.  The Licence does not allow for BYO or take-away under any circumstances.  We also have a restriction on where the alcohol can be consumed – it is not allowed outside the Clubhouse doors.  The full rules are on the bar fridge door. 

There is a book attached to the bar fridge and it MUST be filled in when a guest consumes alcohol.
The Liquor Licencing Regulations state you must record:
Date, Guest Full Name, Guests Residential Address, Member name..

Please ensure this procedure is followed when you allow a guest to consume alcohol at EMTC.
It is also very important that the Bar Fridge is correctly locked every night.  If we don't do this we will get caught out. Make sure you are not the one who is responsible for us losing our licence.

Thank you.

Ralph Muir-Morris