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Oceanside News and Events

All the medical news and events for the Oceanside area in one place!  


  1. Strategic Plan Survey
  2. Patient Medical Home Report
  3. Oceanside’s Primary Care Network Service Planning is on its way!
  4. ODFP Programs Report
  5. Calling Community Board Members!
  6. Save-the-Date for the Division Social!
  7. Message from GPSC co-chairs – update on PCNs
  8. 32nd Annual Chronic Pain Management Conference
  9. Long Term Care Policy Changes Information for Primary Care Physicians
  10. Changes to Auto-Insurance in BC : Registered Care Advisors
  11. Pearls for Immunization Practice
  12. UBC CPD 21st Annual UBC Respiratory Medicine Update & 15th Annual Hot Topics in Cardiology Conference| Feb 9, 2019| Vancouver BC
  13. HIV/AIDS Training Program - Space available for Spring 2019
  15. Family Practice Residency Program
  16. Oceanside Hospice Society
  17. Divisions in the News

Strategic Plan Survey

The Oceanside Division of Family Practice Board is developing a three-year strategic plan. To decide where to focus our time, effort, and funding, we need our valued members' feedback on what is important to them and their practices.  Please could you take a moment (survey time is under 2 minutes) to answer our survey questions on where you would like us to direct our efforts going forwards.

To participate please click here.

Patient Medical Home Report

Patient Medical Home has been very active in the last year. After consultation with the greater membership, a working group came together to guide the work moving forward. These are the three aspects we are working on:

  1. The Clinic Incubators
  2. Networks for Oceanside
  3. Physician/Practitioner Supports that focus on the PMH attributes

Qualicum Beach Associates is proceeding as our clinic incubator project. Dr. Biglow has identified four projects to carry forward as the incubator. These will be developed in his clinic and then offered to clinics in Oceanside moving forward.

Palliative Network had our first successful meeting. Twenty-three participants joined the dinner discussion and are very keen to re-establish a network for themselves. There was a good mix of our members, Island Health employees and community groups represented. Great feedback was given as to the work moving forward to re-establish communication and working together regarding end of life care.
Physician/Practitioner Supports will tie into Palliative Network work through the upcoming LEAP CME for members for January 2019.

Cultural Safety and Humility Training will proceed with FNHA GP Dr. Kelsey Louie who will come to offer the session for us. Local Nations in our Division will be joining him in the conversation of cultural humility and what that means in primary care practice. This will be happening Feb.27. Please click here for a FNHA video on Cultural Humility. Please stay tuned for more information,

Oceanside’s Primary Care Network Service Planning is on its way!

On November 9, 2018,  the GPSC contacted the Collaborative Services Committee to let us know of the support for Oceanside to engage in the collaborative development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs). It was indicated by the GPSC that Oceanside Division and CSC had been approved to move forward to PCN service planning.

To support the work of developing a PCN service plan, the GPSC approved the release of $150,000 in change management funding to the Oceanside Division of Family Practice. The disbursement of these funds will be determined by the Collaborative Services Committee (CSC). The CSC will have oversight of the planning project and has now formed a PCN committee that will do the hard work of bringing a service plan to life. The Collaborative Service Committee has from February 1 to June 3 to develop a three year service plan.
PCN committee meetings have just begun. First tasks of the committee are to develop a Terms of Reference, ensure the right people are sitting on the committee and hiring of appropriate project management staff.

For now, staff at ODFP will ensure that members are informed each step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact:

Please click here  to view an informative and consise description of PCN provided by GPSC.

Evelyn Clark, Executive Director


ODFP Programs Report

It's a new year, so a great time to send in locum requests for 2019!  Over the holidays, the Residential Care Initiative selected 2 quality improvement projects that will take place in the next few months.  We look forward to seeing the results of these physician-led projects in improving the quality of care in Oceanside.  We are also excited to have a full house at our upcoming LEAP-mini palliative care CME, taking place on Saturday, January 19th.  22 local GPs and NPs will be attending this popular course.  Look out for further upcoming CME offerings in the next couple of months. 

Sharon Todd

Program Manager


Calling Community Board Members!

The Board of Oceanside Division of Family Practice is looking for community Board members. And they are looking for names put forward from the ODFP membership.  If you can think of a potential community member for Board appointment, please first consider of our mission, vision and goals.
Please also consider following personal characteristics:
• An interest in supporting the mission vision and goals of ODFP
• Some experience relevant to the organization or a similar organization
• Eagerness and ability to participate at every meeting.
• Willingness to have fiduciary accountability to members.
• Innovative and forward-thinking
• Supportive, but willing to express their own opinion.

***Community appointees will be reimbursed 3 hours per month at the current sessional rates for Board meeting preparation and attendance.

Additions to the Board will be done over the next few months with a staggered approach to bringing on “community” members. Please send us your suggestions by January 31.

If you have any feedback or questions do not hesitate to contact:
Evelyn Clark, Executive Director, at 250-703-6159 or

Save-the-Date for the Division Social!

Mark your calendars 

Wednesday, April 10th, we will be holding our annual Oceanside Division social event.  Join us for a fun evening of music trivia with your colleagues, dinner and a cash bar.

Message from GPSC co-chairs – update on PCNs

Sent on behalf of GPSC co-chairs:

Ted Patterson , Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Health
Dr Shelley Ross, Doctors of BC

Dear physician leads, executive directors and coordinators, 

As we move toward the new year, we are pleased to update you with some positive developments regarding our work on Primary Care Networks (PCNs).
Yesterday morning, representatives from the Wave 1a communities joined  in a telephone conference with us along with senior Ministry staff. We are summarizing below a number of topics covered on the call, and also updating you on the latest regarding our work overall.

Common Program Agreement (CPA)

As many of you know, the Common Program Agreement (CPA) was being developed by the Ministry with the intent of being an enabler of the system work we are undertaking- a key mechanism to operationalize Primary Care Networks (PCNS) in local communities across the province. 
Physicians raised significant concerns about the CPA, and clearly the document had become a barrier to moving forward. Feedback was received from individual physicians, divisions, GPSC, health authorities, Doctors of BC, the Nurse Practitioners Association, and other partners. GPSC compiled the physician feedback and provided it to the Ministry. In addition, in-person discussions included the wave 1 divisions meeting which took place on Nov 16th, the outcomes of which we shared with you previously. We have also been communicating with Wave 1b communities.
As a result of all this feedback and conversations, the Ministry has reconsidered its approach. The CPA has been set aside for now, with the intent to re-evaluate it in the new year and work collaboratively with partners over the next several months to ensure that  all the feedback and concerns are thoughtfully considered and integrated into a final document that serves a set of commonly agreed objectives. 

Meanwhile, a new Letter of Intent (LOI) has been developed that  in the interim, identifies a minimum set of expectations and guiding principles, so that funding can begin to flow for communities with approved PCN service plans. The Ministry will make investments in communities with approved PCN service plans, regardless of the status of CPA discussions, through this interim agreement. Those representing Wave 1 communities on the call responded in a positive way, stating that the principles embedded in the document gives them the confidence to move forward along with the flexibility they had requested to respond to the needs of their communities. Signatories to this LOI will be the local division and the health authority. Wave 1 communities will receive these materials later today. Watch for more information on this early in the new year.

The feedback that has been provided now allows for this work to move forward in a principled way while at the same time recognizing the autonomy and flexibility needed by the communities to design and deliver the care needed in their local area.

Status of approvals and funding for PCN proposals

Service plans have been reviewed by the Ministry for the first 11 communities (Waves 1a and 1b), and resourcing from the Ministry is currently being confirmed. GPSC is supporting the physician change management and engagement, and will be confirming funds for Wave 1 and 2 divisions early next year.  

Contracts for new-to-practice family physicians

Physicians have raised concerns about the contracts that will be offered to 200 new to practice GPs. The Ministry has been participating in a number of sessions with potential GP recruits, as well as Wave 1 and 2 community representatives and other organizations, to provide context around how the contracts will work. The Ministry acknowledges there are different views  and will continue the dialogue on the terms of contracts, with more information to come in the weeks ahead.
In the meantime, the Ministry continues to make these contracts available to new to practice GPs who are interested, but they are not a requirement.  For new to practice GPs who do not wish to sign a contract, fee-for service and population or value based funding approaches remain options. Regardless of compensation model, we will continue to support matching new to practice GPs with opportunities in PCN communities through Health Match BC. 

Nursing and Allied Health Providers

The Ministry has received considerable feedback regarding the requirement for nursing and allied providers funded through PCN service plans to be employed by health authorities. Specifically, a number of you have raised the need for physicians and other partners to participate in health authority hiring processes in order to ensure providers with the appropriate skills, approach and “fit” are selected, particularly in circumstances where they will be co-located in a physician practice. Additionally, we have heard concerns about the potential instability of employment for nursing and allied providers due to collective agreement provisions that may allow for bumping due to seniority. 

The Ministry has indicated that it is working with Health Authorities and union partners to ensure there are processes in place to address these concerns. They are aiming to have these issues addressed early in the New Year.

GPSC co-chairs

32nd Annual Chronic Pain Management Conference

The Foundation for Medical Excellence, in co-operation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, provides a highly rated CPD event—the 32nd Annual Chronic Pain Management Conference.
This conference is being held in Vancouver on March 1-2, 2019 at the Hyatt Hotel.
If you feel that your physician group may be interested, please click here.
If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact:

Cristina Cheng, Senior Advisor Drug Programs
College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

Long Term Care Policy Changes Information for Primary Care Physicians

New Ministry of Health policy regarding access to long term care homes that has been under development over the past months is now confirmed to come into effect across Island Health on March 1, 2019.

Key Points:
• Patients can select up to three preferred long-term care homes and will wait for a bed to become available at one of those locations.
• Admission to hospital to await placement no longer reduces wait time.
• Beds will be allocated to patients in order of waitlist date and preference.
• Patients in hospital as well as those at very high risk in the community may be offered an Interim bed while they wait for their preferred facility.
• Case managers will continue to collaborate with primary care physicians regarding care planning for their patients.
• Physicians are encouraged to refer their patients to Community Health Services as soon as a need is identified for caregiver support and home care by calling Community Access or through your EMR referral form. Early referral will be very helpful in reducing prolonged hospital admission while awaiting a residential care bed if the person deteriorates and is hospitalized.

Full details of the changes and implementation plan are outlined on the second page of this document.

For further information regarding these changes or for discussion/questions, please contact Caitlin Davies, Project Manager – Residential Access Implementation, Island Health at or (250) 480-9506.

Details of Key Changes

• Elimination of the First Appropriate Bed policy: Patients can select up to three preferred long-term care homes and will wait for a bed in one of those locations. They will no longer be required to accept the first appropriate bed available in their health service area.
• Introduction of the term “interim bed”: Beds in other long-term care homes will be offered as an interim admission solution until admission at the patient’s preferred long-term care home is possible. Patients in hospital who are unable to return to the community to wait, as well as those at very high-risk in the community, may be offered an interim bed if their preferred long-term care home is not available. Patients who accept an interim bed will remain on the waitlist for their preferred long-term care home(s) and will not experience any reduction of priority as a result of accepting an interim bed.
• Bed allocation based on length of time waiting: Beds will be allocated to patients in order of waitlist date and preference.
• Discharge home from hospital to await a long-term care home: Hospital and Community Health Services teams are working together to ensure all patients who can be safely discharged return to the community for assessment and wait listing. Due to the new requirements for bed allocation based on waitlist date only, individuals waiting for a long-term care home bed from the community can expect wait times equivalent to those waiting in hospital. Admission to hospital to await placement no longer reduces wait time.
• Improved information regarding specific long-term care homes: Patients and families will be able to make informed decisions regarding which long term care home(s) to choose. Patients and families will not be required to accept a non-preferred facility and can always choose alternate care options to manage their needs while they continue to wait for their preferred long-term care home.
• Changes to determination of capability to provide informed consent are not changing at this time. Implementation of the consent requirements as a result of Section 3 of HCCCFAA are anticipated later in 2019 and will be implemented at that time. Physicians will receive additional information regarding determination of capability requirements once the legislation is enacted.
• Island Health case managers who assess and waitlist patients for a long-term care home will receive in- depth training on the relevant changes prior to March 1.
• Case managers will continue to collaborate with primary care physicians regarding patient care planning.
• Primary care physicians will continue to receive requests for medical histories, TB screening documentation and/or chest x-rays for admission to a long-term care home. These requirements are set by Community Care Facilities Licencing and do not change as a result of the new policy.
• Brochures and online information for patients and families will be refreshed to reflect the new policy and process.
• Clients already waitlisted for a long-term care home prior to March 1, 2019 will have a case manager review to advise them of the new policy and adjust their choices accordingly. Physicians will not be required to complete any additional assessment or documentation for these patients.

Changes to Auto-Insurance in BC : Registered Care Advisors

Registered Care Advisor | Information Now Available

On November 9, 2018, the provincial government announced new Insurance (Vehicle) Regulations for the treatment of motor vehicle accident injuries that allow for the creation of a list of medical care consultants called registered care advisors (RCAs).

A Registered Care Advisor (RCA) is a physician who is engaged as an expedited medical consultant for physicians of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents. RCAs meet with patients and provide a second opinion to the physician on diagnosis and treatment plans.

Through the upcoming annual licence renewal process, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (the College) will verify that registrants interested in becoming RCAs are qualified and otherwise eligible.

Interested to know more?

We encourage you to visit ICBC’s Business Partners page here for more information on this new program. A full information guide will be available on this page soon.
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the College. All other questions may be directed to the Doctors of BC.

Pearls for Immunization Practice

For more information please click here
This online self-learning course is for all immunization providers and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. It is especially useful for those physicians new to immunization practice in BC and also suitable as a refresher course for physicians who already have a theoretical and clinical understanding of immunization practice but would like to update their knowledge. The course centers on providing practical immunization information to assist in the practice setting as well as highlighting important immunization resources.
Target audience: Family physicians and family practice residents as well as any other interested immunization providers: public health nurses, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Obstetricians, Pediatricians, and interested students.
Up to 1.5 Mainpro+ / MOC Section 3

UBC CPD 21st Annual UBC Respiratory Medicine Update & 15th Annual Hot Topics in Cardiology Conference| Feb 9, 2019| Vancouver BC

Date:  Saturday, February 9, 2019

Location:  Pinnacle Harbourfront Vancouver Hotel

Event Brochure: click here.

Conferences run at the SAME time in the SAME venue – register for the conference you’re primarily interested in, and then feel free to move between sessions!

Conference Website:



Conference Registration: 




Save the Date!

BC Heart Failure Symposium
Jun 7-8 (Fri evening and Sat) | Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre | Vancouver BC
Target audience: family physicians, internists, cardiologists, hospitalists, nurses, residents & students.

HIV/AIDS Training Program - Space available for Spring 2019

In partnership with the UBC Enhanced Skills Program, the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS offers a 3-month postgraduate training program in HIV/AIDS. At this time, we are looking for physicians who are interested in expanding their scope of practice and wishing to achieve competence in providing optimal care for patients with HIV/AIDS.

Additional information on the program and application process can be found here

For the interested candidates wanting to apply for the Spring 2019 position, we kindly ask that they connect with Karah Koleszar directly by January 15, 2019.


BC Cancer’s Family Practice Oncology Network hosts accredited monthly Oncology CME Webcasts with the University of British Columbia’s Division of Continuing Professional Development. There is no charge for these practice-ready sessions which run from 8-9:00 a.m., Pacific Time, and are accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for one Mainpro+ credit each. Please join us!

  • January 17: Managing Oncologic Emergencies – Superior Vena Cava Syndrome and Spinal Cord Compression presented by Dr. Devin Schellenberg of BC Cancer – Surrey
  •  February 21: Managing Sexual Dysfunction in Cancer Patients presented by: Dr. Stacy Elliott of the BC Centre for Sexual Medicine
  • March 21: Follow-up Care of Colorectal Cancer Patients presented by: Dr. Howard Lim of BC Cancer – Vancouver.

Most Webcasts are recorded and available here. Earn additional Mainpro+ credits through the College’s Linking Learning exercise - please click here

To register please click here.

Family Practice Residency Program

Sent on behalf of Mark MacKenzie, Program Director – Family Practice Residency Program

Dear Divisions of Family Practice Colleagues,
Thank you for your past support of UBC Family Practice Residency Scholar Day. Your sponsorship has helped support scholarship as an important part of our residency program.
This year we are changing the format of Scholar Day. There will be locally facilitated Scholar Days at most of our sites in addition to a smaller UBC Point Grey based Scholar Day for the 10 winners of the Lloyd Jones Collins Scholarships.
The locally facilitated Scholar Days will provide an opportunity for residents to share their scholarly work with the communities in which they train. Many scholar projects are community informed and embedded and have had a real impact on local health care improvement.
We hope that your Division will be able to continue to support UBC Family Practice Scholar Day.
With 19 training sites, spread over the entire province there is sure to be a training site in your area that you can partner with. Sponsorship is always welcome but your Division may also be interested in sharing a presentation event so that your members can see first-hand the scholarly work and research that has happened in your community.
Your Division may also want to help sponsor the UBC Point Grey based Scholar Day.
Please contact Shanti Rivas  for more information on the local Scholar Day in your area or information about UBC Point Grey Scholar Day.
Please also contact me directly if you have any questions.
Thanks again for your past support,

Mark Mackenzie, MD CCFP (EM)
Program Director
UBC Family Practice Residency Program
300-5950 University Boulevard | Vancouver BC | V6T 1Z3 Canada

Oceanside Hospice Society

The Oceanside Hospice Society serves individuals and families experiencing end-of-life, care-giving and bereavement in the area stretching from Deep Bay to Nanoose, and west to Errington and Whiskey Creek

OHS currently delivers the following services to the community:

  •  Medical Equipment Loan Program
  •  One to One Client Support Services
  •  One to One Grief Support
  •  Grief Support Groups
  •  Grief Walking Groups
  •  Self Care Fridays
  •  Caregiver Respite and Companioning
  •  Palliative Vigil Team
  •  Lending Library
  •  Community Networking , Education and Training
  •  Advance Care Planning Guidance

We strive to provide links in the continuum of care by supporting care giving at home, in hospital or the palliative care unit at Trillium and at community care facilities.
Please contact us at 250.752.6227 or visit for further information.

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