Taking on the Challenge of Open Water Swimming

With the open water season in full swing we have a challenge event at Loch Venachar on Sunday 14th August and it is open to anyone aged 13 years and over (at 31st Dec 2016). The half mile event starts at 9.30am and the mile swim begins at 11.00am. You know you can do it! Limited spaces-book now.

Loch Lomond: Open Water Come and Try Junior Session - Sat 20th August

Do you have swimmers in the family (aged 10-15 years) who would love to try Open Water Swimming? We have a Come and Try one hour session aimed at junior club swimmers or those who can swim a minimum of 200 metres. It is a beginners session for those who would like to experience open water swimming in a safe and fun environment. The session will be taught by experienced coaches at the iconic Milarrochy Bay at Loch Lomond.
The session will focus on:
Wetsuit advice
Combating those Open Water anxieties
Acclimatisation and feel for the water
Basic open water skills, including sighting and drafting
Question and answer session
Each coaching group will have a maximum coach/swimmer ratio of 1-8.
Requirements:  Swimmers must be aged 10 - 15 years.  Wetsuits are compulsory

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Forthcoming Events

Scottish National Open Water Championships 2016: Loch Venachar 13-14 August
Midland District Open Water Swimming Challenge (Broughty Ferry to Discovery Point, Dundee): 28 August
SASA West District Open Water Championships (Galloway Activity Centre, Loch Ken, Castle Douglas): 3 September

Lorraine Hepburn "I'm Going to Swim Before 40"

“I was the tall kid at school and when we did a block of swimming at primary school the teacher lined us up at the side of the pool in order of height. That meant I was at the deep end of the pool and when I got into the water I swam out, lost the plot, kind of fell to the bottom and didn’t know what to do. I remember feeling mortified, feeling ill and feeling absolutely terrified of the water. So I didn’t get back in the pool for nearly three decades.” Lorraine Hepburn's six month journey is as remarkable as it is an inspirational determination to 'Swim Before she is 40'.

Read our full interview with Lorraine here


Vivienne Masters "You would be shocked by the number of adults who can’t swim"

“There are many trigger points and recognising them is one of the first steps to overcoming the fear. For many people the fear of swimming starts before they even get to the pool side. They might not like the smell of chlorine or the sight of the changing rooms.  In the pool, I’ve known lots of people who simply don’t like the feel of the water on their skin”. Vivienne Masters runs her own swimming school, called Swimming Masters and explains, "You’re never too old to learn to swim. It’s just a process and it takes time and practice. Most people realise very quickly swimming should be enjoyable”.

Read our interview with Vivienne here

Look Out For:

EXCLUSIVE Sat 8 Oct 2016 -Robbie Renwick 'Masters Training' Afternoon at the National Swimming Academy, University of Stirling (Only available to SASA Masters Members)
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