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Today, our Artist Spotlight shines on Andrew Heath. Andrew is a fantastic artist and friend of Looney Labs. Andrew has done art for two of our games and coloring for a third. It's his colors that make the food in Just Desserts so appetizing, and his brilliant, retro style that makes Retro Loonacy and the upcoming Chemistry Fluxx so amazing.

Andrew Heath has over a decade of experience under his belt. He's worked with all sorts of clients and you can find him at many conventions selling his awesome artwork. Andrew loves Ghostbusters and cheeseburgers. He's also skillful in the art of high-fives - if you meet him, ask for one!

Get our games that feature Andrew Heath's art at your local game store!

Looney Labs has been publishing games since 1997 - games suitable for the whole family. We're quite proud of that. But at some point, we had some designs for games that were not family friendly. To publish those, we created the imprint: Fully Baked Ideas.

Fully Baked Ideas has three new games coming out this year, plus a Kickstarter for a coffee table book running right now. While we won't go into details about the games (since this is still a family friendly newsletter!), we did want to let you know about them. They are fun versions of some of our hit games (Fluxx, Mad Libs, Loonacy) mixed with topics that just aren't appropriate for the young ones.

For more information on Fully Baked Ideas and all our adult games, click here!

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Whether you have a casual fascination with the Looney Pyramids, are a dedicated Starship Captain, or just want to know about Pyramid Arcade, this FB group is the place to be!

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Cecil Con

Cecil Con is a mini convention hosted by the Geekdom Club at Cecil College in North East, MD. It is a family-friendly convention that is open to the public. Please stop by if you have a love of anime, gaming, fantasy, or science fiction!

Kristin and Andy will be guests of honor and playing pyramid games, Math Fluxx, and more on Tech Center Floor 1!


Play with Andy on Tabletop Day at Games and Stuff

International Tabletop Day is a day of celebrating everything involving games: those who make them, those who play them, and those who get them from those who make them to those who play them.

This year, Andy will be celebrating with our friends at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Come say hi and play some games!


Awesome Con

Awesome Con is Washington DC's comic con! Come celebrate all aspects of Geek Culture, including comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, gaming, TV, movies, animation, music, comedy, art, science, and more!

Looney Labs will be demoing Fluxx, Pyramid Arcade, and all our other games in the Foam Brain Game Room again this year. Come play with us!

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Q: What is your favorite city?

A: Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world. It’s a beautiful town filled with art and history and culture, laced with canals and packed with interesting people. It’s got all the charm of an ancient European city combined with the style and amenities of the future. It’s a great place for Americans like me to visit because English is their official second language, so you get all the fun of exploring a place where everything is in a foreign language while never having any language barrier problems. Amsterdam is a great jumping-off point for other travel in Europe, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll just want to keep hanging out in Amsterdam. To learn more about why I love Amsterdam, visit Fully Baked Ideas, and then visit our Kickstarter!

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B & E Games is a small, awesome games store located in sunny California. They have 3 rooms, the main room with open gaming, and 2 additional separate games rooms available for play. This way lots of people can play different things. Best of all, B & E Games never charges for open gaming. They currently carry all sorts of board and card games, dice, toys, and gaming accessories. AND, B & E Games has an in-store demo library where you can try games to find just the right one!