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Picking Food from Trash Can

Wasted Opportunities

Food waste causes 750 billion dollars of environmental damage each year.  Can better data trim the fat?

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 How’s Your Air Out There?

~In The Atlantic's CityLab~

When we put the world’s dirtiest power plants on a map of air pollution,
this is what we found.

Chinese Stock Market
PM2.5 Global Map

Don’t Bolt: Recharge the Renewables

Will China’s
sinking stock market
yank the plug on its renewable energy


What the UN's SDGs Say About Agriculture

The final text of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals were adopted this week, and the goals and targets yield a complicated future for sustainable agriculture.


Special Spotlight: Indicators in Practice

NASA's Grace Satellite

Groundwater Data

Data gathered by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) have generated the most comprehensive assessment of groundwater losses to date.


An Adaptation Indicator

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) rates how vulnerable countries are in a changing climate and how well prepared they are.

A Carbon Indicator

A Carbon Method

Whose step really made that carbon footprint? This methodology, first published last March in Nature Climate Change, credits countries who clean up their exports.


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