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Tuesday 4  April

Grants open today for General Practice

Today, SEMPHN will open a tender for multiple grants up to the value of $100,000 (GST exclusive) to general practices in the SEMPHN region.

The aim is to support general practice to build their capacity to manage patients with chronic and complex conditions to achieve one of the key PHN national priorities - reducing Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations (PPH).

The objectives of the grants are to support systemic change that will:

  • improve the health system, service and the health literacy of patients and their families
  • enhance the patient’s ability to manage their own health needs through self-care strategies
  • improve health outcomes for those patients with poorly managed chronic conditions.
  • reduce the rate of PPH for chronic conditions in the SEMPHN region
  • increase the efficacy of care coordination strategies to better manage chronic and complex conditions and to improve the patient’s quality of life, and
  • improve the sustainability of the practice by improving systems and quality to accommodate more clients and offer additional billable services.

An information evening about the tender will be held at 6pm on 12 April in Dandenong. Register here.

The session will be recorded and available to view on the SEMPHN website after the session.

Register your interest and apply for these grants on SEMPHN's Tenderlink page.

Tenders close 3pm 27 April.

New mental health model and services coming soon

Soon you’ll hear about changes to the way mental health services will be delivered in our catchment.

Changes are happening in mental health approaches, and service types, across all PHNs, guided by the Australian Government.

Why are mental health services changing?

Forty percent of SEMPHN residents have mental health needs.

Last year, SEMPHN consulted with a range of consumers and providers in our catchment and undertook literature reviews and data analysis about what's working in mental health, and what's not.

This, combined with the fact that there is an imbalance of access to services for consumers (in terms of where and what services are offered), has led to SEMPHN developing innovative approaches to mental health primary care.

By delivering a greater range of treatment options to match a range of needs and locations, people will have better access to services that can help.

In line with the Commonwealth's guidance for PHNs, SEMPHN has developed a Mental Health Stepped Care Model (currently at final draft stage) that is being used to plan and develop mental health services.

What's happening next?

Information sessions have been held with current ATAPS andf MHNIP providers, with the last session on Thursday 6 April. Early next week, a recording of one of these sessions, along with presentation slides and a Question and Answer document, will be available on the SEMPHN website.

Commissioning opportunities for mental health services are coming soon and will be announced via our SEMaphore newsletter (sign-up here), with information sessions shortly after.

For information about the tender as it's released, register your interest via SEMPHN's Tenderlink page.