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A few words from Tim...

I received an email this week from an old friend which jogged a trip down memory lane and took me back to when Rapid Prototyping (as it was known then) first started in the UK.

That initial exposure and wonder at this 'new' process was 30 years ago!

Tomorrow's World

The benefits of speed remain indisputable whilst the applications and volumes have only increased. It was, and still is, an incredible process and as we continue to push the technology further, who knows what Tomorrow's World might hold?

Having pioneered the early applications of Stereolithography and built subsequent companies around laser sintering, our current experimentation with the Figure 4 is very small scale but no less exciting - and we all know what happens to acorns!

Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Moulding, whatever your project requires we have the knowledge, and more importantly the experience, to get your parts made with no hassle, no drama, no problem. Just give us a call.

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Plunkett Associates

3D Printing the history books!

It’s almost 30 years to the day that the wheels were set in motion that lead to the acquisition of one of the UK’s very first 3D Printing machines from the USA.

I had seen a programme on Tomorrow’s World (does anyone else remember that?!) reporting on a new technology which had the potential to be of interest to the company I was working for at the time.

After some investigations I found Andrew Chantrill, who worked for Spectra Physics, the European distribution for 3D Systems...

3D Systems Figure 4 3D Printer

Low Volume Silicone Components

We’ve had our new toy a few weeks now! So, what are our plans for the 3D Systems Figure 4 Standalone 3D Printer?

At the moment what we can say is, we are ‘experimenting!’ Our aim is to develop the ability to economically produce low volume silicone components. To be able to turn around prototype quantities in 2 to 3 days, will allow us to fill the gaps we have identified in the market.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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