LiveSwitch, Coming June 2017, Features SIP Integration

LiveSwitch will be released in June! 

In addition to full SFU and MCU capabilities, LiveSwitch will provide built-in SIP integration allowing you to incorporate VoIP and PSTN calls into WebRTC audio/video conferences. Also provided wlll be options for audio/video broadcasting.

In combination with Frozen Mountain's other offerings, these capabilities provide a complete iRTC architecture.


As with all Frozen Mountain products, you'll be able to run LiveSwitch on your own internal or cloud-based infrastructure for maximum control over your environment.

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IceLink 3: The Media Pipeline

IceLink 3 introduces a new media pipeline that is vastly more powerful than its previous iteration from IceLink 2.

Get the details on all the differences straight from our CTO, Anton Venema, in our latest blog post and and be sure and subscribe to the RSS feed to receive future postings!

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Our iRTC assessment service continues to prove popular with organizations looking for a 1 week "kick start" for learning more about iRTC. The assessment covers how to use WebRTC technologies for your audio/video, signaling, chat, screen sharing and whiteboarding needs.

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