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CLC reinforces backing of CSCS logo

Following the success of the CLC’s 2015 One Industry Logo announcement and its adoption across the industry, the CLC have announced further enhancements to the original requirements. This marks the end of 100% carded workforce policies and ensures that apprenticeship standards are maintained. Read more

Enhanced verification of overseas qualifications

From 1st December 2017, overseas construction workers wishing to work in the UK will have the technical content of their overseas qualification mapped against the relevant UK National Occupational Standard for that occupation. Read more

Professional body status for the Institute of Carpenters

CSCS are pleased to confirm that Fellow and Member grades at the Institute of Carpenters (IoC) are now eligible for the CSCS Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) card. CSCS worked closely with the IoC to carry out a detailed mapping exercise of their membership criteria and the PQP card can now be offered. Read more

ADIA become CSCS partner

CSCS is delighted to welcome Doorsafe, the card scheme for automatic door installers and technicians, as a Partner Card Scheme. This means that Doorsafe cards will now bear the CSCS logo, demonstrating the ADIA's commitment to a fully trained and qualified workforce. Read more

LISS cards get smarter

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), the leading trade association for landscape professionals in the UK, has announced additional smart technology features to its Land-Based Industry Skills Card Scheme (LISS). Read more.