Delicious kid-friendly recipes that are fun to make
Delicious kid-friendly recipes that are fun to make
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Big fun for little chefs. Photo of Dad and son making cookies at home.
March Break is approaching quickly, and with it, a break from school and after school activities. For many families, kids will be home and looking for something to do. With more time on your hands, now’s the perfect opportunity to try our kid-friendly recipes that children can actually help make. Get set for fun, and enjoy a delicious week off.
Fried potato and vegetable pancakes with a dollop of sour cream on top.
A top pick for picky eaters.
These Rainbow Veggie Pancakes with Cottage Cheese are an excellent way to get kids to eat their veggies. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini come together with two kinds of cheese. You can personalize these pancakes by stirring in your favourite seasonings such as chopped fresh herbs, taco seasonings or curry paste to the base recipe.
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Smashed white potatoes with a dollop of sour cream and a crumble of horseradish cheddar
A smash hit with kids.
Topped with a mix of fresh herbs, sour cream and horseradish cheddar, these Horseradish and Herb Smashed Potatoes melt in your mouth. And the best part, kids get to help. After the potatoes are boiled, little ones can use a saucepan to flatten the spuds before you load them up and pop them back into the oven. What fun. What flavour!
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An unmixed bowl of black beans, sweet potato, avocado, cheese, lime, and lettuce. Individual ingredients are in the background.
Child-friendly super foods. No kidding.
Kids will love assembling these bright and colourful Buddah Bowls almost as much as eating them. Black beans, sweet potato, avocado, chipotle cheese, spinach and pumpkin seeds are fun to arrange, and packed with flavour – not to mention vitamins. For an extra punch of protein, top with tofu, a poached egg, grilled chicken, or baked salmon.
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Gay Lea lactose free sour cream and Hewitt’s goat milk sour cream on a barn board background
Indulge in an all-inclusive.
Nothing compares to the tangy flavour and creamy texture of sour cream. And we think everyone should be able to enjoy it. That’s why we offer Gay Lea lactose-free sour cream, and Hewitt’s goat milk sour cream for those who are sensitive to lactose or cow milk. Delicious in dips, sauces, baking, or all on its own, now everyone can indulge.
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A camp counselor and two campers on a high ropes course with safety harnesses and helmets
Granting fun-filled days.
We’re proud to support Happy Campers.
The Gay Lea Foundation is awarding a $7,500 grant to support Diabetes Canada’s Camp Jean Nelson, a summer camp for children living with Type 1 diabetes in Alberta. Camp Jean Nelson is part of Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps, a network of summer camps across Canada that provide an authentic camp experience with around-the-clock medical supervision.
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Leftover meatballs topped with sauce and mozzarella in a spaghetti cup.
Kids in the kitchen: an age-by-age guide.
With March Break coming up, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids while teaching them how to flip a pancake or chop an onion. With that in mind, here’s an age-by-age guide on how to introduce your kids to the joys of cooking.
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Checkout how we’re getting greener.
As part of Gay Lea Foods’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, we will be transitioning towards paperless couponing. Instead of a printable eNewsletter coupon, moving forward we’ll be offering more coupons through the Checkout 51 App. By offering digital coupons instead of the printed option, Gay Lea Foods is saving almost 3,000 pounds of paper each year.
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