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As an associate of SKG-IKOB we present to you our “Building envelope Newsletter”. In this way we keep you regularly informed of the latest developments in relation to certification, testing and inspections.


EN 16034

The coexistence period of EN 16034 will probably commence later than 1 September 2016.

EN 16034 describes the requirements for the purpose of CE marking and the issue of declarations of performance (DoPs) for fire-resistant and/or smoke-resistant windows and doors.

Bringing EN 16034 into force will have consequences for several other European standards, so these must first be amended. During the SKG-IKOB information afternoons about EN 16034, a few months ago, 1 September 2016 appeared to be feasible. It was indicated at the meeting of the CEN Technical CommitteeTC33 in April 2016 that the previously mentioned date of 1 September will probably not be met. The current estimate is that in the most favourable circumstances, the coexistence period of EN 16034 will not commence until 1 November 2016, but this may also be 1 December 2016.

From that date, it will be possible for manufacturers to be certified by SKG-IKOB. It will then be permissible to indicate the performance of the products you put on the market in a CE marking and in a declaration of performance (DoP). Certification only becomes compulsory after the ending of the coexistence period.

Are you also aware that we can carry out smoke-resistance tests on windows, doors and facades on the basis of EN 1634-3 as well?

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Manufacturers of emergency doors in exterior facades are required by law to be certified under EN 14351-1. This means they must possess a documented Factory Production Control system (FPC system). This guarantees that the emergency doors put on the market comply with the performance specifications incorporated in the CE marking. The FPC system must consist of written procedures, regular controls and tests and/or inspections.

As an independent Notified Body recognised by Europe, SKG-IKOB can carry out this certification and state officially with a Certificate of Constancy of Performance that both the organisation and the products satisfy all the requirements imposed in connection with CE marking.

The requirements apply not only to manufacturers of emergency doors, but also to manufacturers and suppliers of door hardware used in fire or smoke doors, such as emergency openers (EN 179), panic locks (EN 1125) and hinges (EN 1935).

SKG-IKOB is a recognised Notified Body and therefore your partner for carrying out ITT testing and certification for CE marking for emergency doors and door hardware products.

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The expertise of SKG-IKOB is being used increasingly often for assessing the assembly of façade elements at the building site. This shift is not surprising, as a substantial proportion of the quality is determined on the building site. By arranging a building site inspection at the right moment, you can ensure that assembly errors are detected in good time. This makes it possible to make alterations during the assembly process. In this way, repetition of assembly errors can be prevented at an early stage.

In addition to technical aspects such as air permeability, watertightness and surface treatment, the performance of door and window hardware is being given increasing attention. Particularly after the fitting of emergency doors, it is important that the door can be opened using the prescribed forces. SKG-IKOB possesses testing equipment to check this on location. This means you can provide your customer with confirmation of the quality of your services and we can contribute together to ensuring safe escape routes from buildings.

Are you also aware that a large proportion of the tests we offer can also be carried out on location?

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Did you know that SKG-IKOB Certificatie can also provide your VCA, ISO en MVO certification?

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  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 (environment)
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