A bit of writing and some of the more interesting things I found online this week...

The Tides are Turning

A lot happened at the most recent #LitmusLive. One of the bigger announcements was a partnership between Litmus and Microsoft to improve Outlook email rendering. 

A worthy conversation

While most responses have been positive, there were a number of people angry about Litmus getting into bed with Microsoft. Over on Medium, I respond to those criticisms and lay out how I think things will change for the email world. 

The future of email standards

It's Different Wherever You Go

My latest post on Product Malkovich, relating a few conversations I've had and the lessons learned. 

A better understanding

Trying to Make Sense of Gmail CSS Support

A fantastic bit of detective work from RĂ©mi Parmentier on the varying levels of support across different Gmail implementations. I don't think enough people realize that Gmail is more than a single rendering engine. Good to see someone shedding more light on the subject. 

We need t-shirts of that chart

Hey, Erin!

Although she doesn't tweet often, y'all should start following Erin King. She's the Email Marketing Manager at Litmus and is hands down one of the best in the business. 

Let's get her to tweet more

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