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VICNISS e-Bulletin: August 2018


Reminders - Data

Surveillance Data Due Available
Small & Large Hospitals 3rd August (Q4 2017/18) Via VICNISS User Portal
Aged Care 3rd August 2018 (Q4 2017/18) TBA
Hand Hygiene 31st October 2018 (NHHI Audit 3 2018) Self Service via HHCApp
Influenza 14th September 2018 Via VICNISS User Portal

SSI Report – Non risk adjusted procedures now included

In the past the SSI report did not include procedures that could not be risk-adjusted, i.e. ASA, wound class, surgery start or finish time were missing.  SSI reports will now display the non-risk adjusted procedures as N/A.

SSI Procedure Codes - does it belong to the procedure group?

VICNISS is currently auditing some surgical procedures and have found some of the submitted codes (CMBS or ICD10) and/or operation descriptions do not belong to the procedure group, e.g. COLO.  Always ensure the procedure code belongs to the procedure group under surveillance. See list of procedure groups & relevant codes on the VICNISS website:

If you find a code that you think should belong to the chosen procedure group please contact VICNISS to confirm it should be included.

2018 Health Care Workers Influenza Vaccination Campaign

A recent DHHS update (July 19th) about this year's influenza vaccination campaign noted:

• Healthcare worker vaccination stock is available for order. Previous recommendations to limit healthcare worker vaccination to high risk clinical areas no longer apply. Place an order in the usual manner.

• Due to the recent shortage of vaccine available the assessment period has been extended to 31 August 2018. Date for data submission to VICNISS has been extended to Friday, 14th September, 2018.

A reminder too that Aged Care Homes are required to submit HCW Influenza Vaccination uptake. Acute hospitals may report by health service which includes any ACH’s data in the numerator and denominator, however, each ACH is still required to submit their own data. There is a separate data form for ACH data submission.

Changes to Surveillance Plan Access

Access to the surveillance plan has changed.  There are now 2 levels of access:
1. Data Confirmation and Validation only – user can confirm numbers and complete data checks
2. Plan Management (Full Access) – in addition to  data confirmation & validation the user can submit/changes surveillance plan modules
All current users with access to surveillance plan have automatically been given ‘plan management’.  Managers can update registered users access to the surveillance plan.  For more information contact VICNISS.

Aged care resident vaccination webinars

VICNISS is hosting a webinar to provide education to Registered Nurses working in the Victorian Pubic Sector Residential Aged Care Services, who will be responsible for the collection and submission of Residents’ Influenza, Pneumococcal and Herpes Zoster Vaccination data.

The webinar is first scheduled for 2pm on Tuesday 21st August 2018, and will be repeated at 2pm on Thursday 30th August, 2018.

Registration is possible via the following links:
1. For Tuesday 21st August, click here
2. For Thursday 30th August click here

After registering, a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar will be automatically sent.

Activation Lock Message on iPad Minis

In order to use your iPad mini to its full capabilities please ensure you have removed the restrictions and the HHA Apple ID. If you do not know how to do this or if your iPad mini is coming up with the message ‘Activation Lock’ and prompting you to enter an Apple ID and password, please contact or phone 9342 9356.

Designate Primary Hand Hygiene Contact in HHCApp

Please designate at least one person as the Primary Contact in HHCApp by clicking on Edit List and then clicking on the blue star beside whoever the Primary Contact should be. If you require any assistance please contact or phone 9342 9356.

Gold Standard Auditor Training Workshop – Register for 2019

If you wish to attend a GSA training workshop in 2019 please register on the HHA website under Audits/Upcoming Workshops.  Please click here

Inclusion and Exclusion Prompts for Small Hospitals

A prompt to assist Small Hospitals’ ICPs in determining inclusion and exclusion criteria has been uploaded on the VICNISS website.  Please click here

Submit Annual Occupational Exposure (OE) Denominator in Q1

Two denominators are collected for the OE module – occupied bed-days (OBDs) and full-time employee equivalents (FTE).  This is a reminder that the FTE is required annually and must be submitted in the first quarter of the financial year, i.e. if submitting OE data in Q1 (July – Sept 2018) the FTE form must be dated July 2018.  For more information see VICNISS manual or contact VICNISS Coordinating Centre. 


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