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August 2015 Newsletter

Now is the Future: Non-invasive Screening Solutions for Safety Enhancement, Shrink Mitigation

Today's global environments are filled with increasingly dangerous and violent threats. Whether it is foreign or domestic terrorism, crime or workplace violence, incidents are on the rise. The potential of loss, crime and workplace violence drives many organizations to seek screening solutions to mitigate these risks. But often times, such solutions open doors to privacy concerns, the legal implications of pat downs and employee concerns. In this new white paper, we take a closer look at how organizations can implement solutions that prevent loss and ensure workplace safety, while eliminating questions associated with health and privacy.


Visit ISCON at the 2015
Annual ASIS Seminar & Exhibits

ISCON Imaging will demonstrate the capabilities of its SecureScan and FocusScan screening solutions at the ASIS conference in Anaheim. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how ISCON's unique approach to screening can help ensure the safety and security of your environment. Contact us to set up a demonstration at our booth during exhibition hours. 


ISCON Honored as Finalist for 2015 Retail Fraud Awards

ISCON Imaging is a finalist for the Retail Fraud Awards in the best newcomer category. Learn more about ISCON's screening solutions for use in the retail and loss prevention environments. 


What is “thermo-conductive infrared” technology? 

The basic idea is simple: Blow hot air on a screening subject, and then watch the subject cool with thermal (long-wave) infrared video. Where something is concealed, clothing over it cools at a rate different from the objects beneath it.  


Vote for ISCON in the 2015 GIT Security Awards

PROTECTOR Magazine, a leading German-based security publication, hosts the GIT Security Awards each year to recognize top products in security technology, services, business protection, home security and IT security. Your vote could help position ISCON for the top honor in the security management category.


ISCON In the News


Securing Supply Chains One Link at a Time

In today’s world of expanding global trade and just-in-time sourcing, security of the supply chain involves diverse and ever-changing risks. ISCON CEO Bill Gately shares his perspective on the topics with Security Magazine.


Building the Distribution Center of the Future

The growth of online retailing is resulting in the dramatic growth of distribution centers across the globe. In this article, Bill Gately reviews tactics to help safeguard employees and reduce shrink in these evolving environments.


New Technology Speeds Up Screening

Source Security speaks with ISCON Imaging about its technology and its business strategies in this recent article. The leading industry publication found that ISCON's differentiating factor is that it can identify objects being hidden.