Little Quests

I used to get freaked out by how many interests and hobbies I picked up and then put down. Now, I'm realizing that variety isn't such a bad thing.

Product update video

This week, I wrote about why pursuing all of those interests is actually beneficial. Turns out that all of those hobbies and random projects are perfect side quests on the road to a greater adventure.

Level up

Building on Kindness

A great post from Jim Mackenzie on the Signal v. Noise blog about how using kindness, empathy, and consideration can help transform your work, life, and business. 

Hammer some screws

Tips and Tricks for Street Photography

This quick video from Thomas Leuthard is packed with amazing tips for anyone that carries a camera. I have a growing interest in photography but have always been scared of street photography. These are the kinds of tips I've been craving to help overcome that fear.

Number 20 is ace

Slade House

I just finished reading those novel from David Mitchell. It's thoroughly creepy and filled with fascinating backstory and worldbuilding. An easy recommendation.

Keep your eyes peeled

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