Defining Email Templates

I put together a quick video explaining what makes up an email template over on the Litmus blog. 

Product update video

I'm always surprised at how confusing email marketing terminology can be. It doesn't help when ESPs conscript certain terms for use in their own platforms. Hopefully this video will help explain things a bit better.

Let's get reusable

3 Ways to Improve the Best Advice Ever

I love this video from Fizzle (their podcast is great, too). Chase Reeves adds a few much-needed footnotes to some of the most commonly given advice around.

You're gonna suck at first

The Creators Code

Ten points worth keeping in mind. I don't necessarily agree with all of them but, as codes go, it's a solid list for inspiration.

Do the hours

7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Accessibility

As someone who's getting more serious about accessibility—especially in regards to email—this article from Jesse Hausler was an imediate bookmark. 

It's part of the challenge

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