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Freelancing - Almost Fall, 2020

As we gallop toward the final third of 2020, there are more job opportunities for strategy planners but increasingly the work is freelance/flexi'/permalance. Where full time hiring is happening it's more in healthcare, packaged goods, technology and online entertainment.

If you've lost your job, is immediately jumping in to freelance the right next step for you?

Freelance - Yes if:

Money - You need money to keep rolling in.

Sanity - You need to keep your mind engaged

Assessment - Because it provides the best way to assess your fit as part of a new potential full time employer.

Variety - You like a variety of work

Connections - You want to broaden industry exposure.

Flexibility - You want to work selectively.

Freelance - No if:

Security - Freelance work is by definition temporary and when an agency needs to cut back, freelancers lose out first.

Constant Hustle - Temporary work requires constant focus on 'next.'

Loneliness - Freelance work is often in isolation.

Team Involvement - As a freelancer you don't have the same level of team engagement.

Career Paralysis - Freelance can be a diversion from time needed to reflect or retool.

What To do Next ? - If you need cash you will default to freelance. If cash is not critical, take the time to reflect and evaluate how you want to grow/what you wish to experience next/whether your development best comes from paid work or non-vocational education. Happy to discuss with you.

Talk soon,Stuart

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