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100% carded is not always 100% right

CSCS cards are intended for construction related occupations only. Despite this, some construction sites still operate a 100% carded workforce policy. CSCS is challenging construction sites to stop turning away non-construction related workers without CSCS cards. Read More

CSCS develops Trailblazer Policy

The Government aims to replace all current Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England with new apprenticeships standards known as Trailblazer Standards. We know this is of interest to many of our stakeholders, especially for the purposes of issuing a card. CSCS has developed a policy to support the recognition of a Trailblazer Apprenticeship. Read more

TICA Takes Thermal Insulation

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is notifying the industry that the Thermal Insulation Operative occupation will be transferred to the TICA Skill Card. From the 19th June 2017, all new applications and renewals for Thermal Insulation operative should be directed to the TICA Skill Card. Read more

Qualification developed for Architectural Metalworker

A National Occupational Standard (NOS) has been developed for Architectural Metalworkers. CITB has already begun drafting the Unit for this qualification and it is hoped it will be finalised, approved and ready for delivery within the next few months. Read more

CRO cards have been withdrawn

The deadline for CRO card applications has now passed. In addition, any CRO cards issued since October 2015 will expire at the end of September 2017. CRO cardholders should use the cardfinder tool on the CSCS website to find out what they need to do next. Read more

Are you paying too much for your card?

CSCS is aware that there are many companies offering to apply for CSCS cards on behalf of applicants. For some, these companies provide a useful service. If you are paying more than £30, make sure you check what extra services you are paying for. Read more