September, 2015

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Building brands and careers

Attributes needed to build brands are much the same as those needed to power a career. And two important similarities are critical for both.

First and foremost you must provide ‘a real difference that is valued’. Whether a brand or employee, this matters. The most valued employees show excellence in addressing critical business challenges, specifically helping your agency attract and retain profitable client relationships. In our field of advertising, this ultimately translates into developing better ways for clients to communicate to their customers. Which neatly brings me to the second point.

This value not only has to be present, it has ‘sold’ so it is recognized as well or in Bill Bernbach’s words, ‘A unique selling proposition is not enough. Without a unique sales talent it may die.’ Successful brands and careerists alike excel at communicating and selling themselves, perhaps loudly, perhaps quietly, but always persuasively.

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Stuart Parkin

Stuart Parkin