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Moving from concept to practice: SSR in West Africa

Can SSR contribute to the transformative change needed in West African states? In April 2016, a Learning Lab in Dakar gathered experts on Africa with practical experience of the security sector. This blog highlights three critical cross-cutting themes: the importance of building relationships at the centre of SSR processes; the continuing misunderstanding of local ownership; and, the nature of hybrid security. 


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Policy and Research Papers

Myanmar’s Peace Process: Getting to a Political Dialogue

After almost 70 years of armed conflict, the new government of Myanmar inherited a peace process. This paper by the International Crisis Group presents an overview on the roots of the peace process, the features of the new government’s approach using a broader political dialogue and the fundamental doubts concerning the legitimacy of the negotiated solutions.

Nuclear Disarmament: The Missing Link in Multilateralism

Published by Chatham House, this paper outlines the connections between nuclear disarmament and some of the key issues facing humanity and human security today. Despite persistent belief that the risks associated with nuclear weapons are no longer as high as they were during the Cold War, this paper argues otherwise.


Peace Agreements, Power-Sharing, and Political Transitions: Women’s Roles in Colombia, Syria, Yemen

Hosted by IPI together with UN Women, this policy forum opens the floor to discussions on the influence of women’s participation in peace processes. Watch the forum to hear speakers discuss the challenges, opportunities, and prospects for improved gender representation in ongoing peace processes in Colombia, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere.


African Societal Analysis (ASA) - The African Security Sector Network (ASSN) Think Tank

Mobilising a network of African experts with daily close links with grassroots, ASA’s expertise highlight the influence of so-called informal standards and practices as well as the interactions of African states with non-state actors and local networks. ASA will produce every week, a new “institutional mapping” presented both in text and visuals.



The nexus of conflict and illicit drug trafficking – Syria and the wider region | Tuesday 01 November | 12:30 - 13:30 | Geneva

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform are hosting an event to discuss the link between the conflict in Syria and illicit trafficking, including cross-border smuggling of fuel, antiquities, and people.

Peaceful Resistance for Enduring Global Justice | Tuesday, 08 November | 12:30 - 14:00 | Geneva

Although peaceful resistance against colonialism and authoritarian regimes has historically proven effective, the current militarized and violent atmosphere in the Middle East and elsewhere, is challenging the relevance of these peaceful tools.


Chief of Service, Judicial Affairs | DPKO | Kinshasa | Deadline: 01 November 2016

Conflict and Security Adviser (gender-focused) | Saferworld | London | Deadline: 02 November 2016

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