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In this issue:  Celebrate Long-Time Members!  •  Think it Could Run Smoother?  •  Autocross Recap  •  Rallycross Replay  •  Sponsor Spotlight: Aircooled Racing  • Member Spotlight: Taylor Bathurst  •  April MeetingDetails  •  March Meeting Minutes  •  News from SCCA  

From the Editor's Desk

Hi, there —  With the autocross and rallycross programs underway, we are officially in full swing for the 2016 season! The first few autocross events went smoothly with big turnouts, the first Beginner Rallycross school was a big hit (full recap below), and the first rallycross event was one of the best we've run to-date. 

In other news, the new website is SO close to done! We're looking forward to launching it toward the end of April or early May. As we get close, I could use a few more people to check it out and provide some feedback on what's working and what's not. If you're interested, please email me

And, don't forget! If you'd like to be highlighted as the Member spotlight in the newsletter, on Facebook and (soon) on the new website homepage, make sure to submit your info today!

Until next time — Kristen Poole
Assistant Regional Executive & Editor, The Squeal


March was a big month for the Susquehanna Region! Please join me in congratulating the following region members who celebrated BIG anniversaries with the SCCA. 

David Walter — 35 years
Sally Walter — 35 years
Henry Brillinger — 30 years
Geoff Craig — 30 years
Charles Demmy — 30 years
Anne Demmy — 30 years
Thomas Hartman — 25 years
Denise Kugler — 25 years



Think it Could Run Smoother?

Pitch in.

Everyone working at autocross and rallycross events are volunteers. Everyone from course workers and crowd control to the safety stewards and the Solo Chair. Each person's work is important and contributes to the flow and smoothness of events. We currently have a few key openings that need filled so things can keep speeding along. So if you've ever thought that an event could run a little smoother, step up! Now's your chance to help take the club to the next level and ensure that events run smoothly for everyone. 

Registration Chief — Chris Benfer has done a bang-up job as our current registration chief, but he'll be taking over as Timing Chief, leaving this post empty. Registration Chief must be able to attend the majority of events and must arrive during setup to get everything in order. This person is responsible for ensuring registration flows smoothly and paperwork is filled out correctly, and helping those working at registration with any questions or issues.

Setup —  If you've got a knack for technology, this one may be perfect for you! While we can always use extra hands for general setup (especially at Hershey events!), we're specifically looking for someone to help out in setting up start/finish line gear, the stoplight, paging system, etc.

Photography — If you have some photography experience and want to give motorsports photography a try, this is your chance! Last year, we were lucky enough to have Doug Austin (and his family) photograph our autocross events. Since then, he's taken on some additional responsibilities with the club, so we may have spotty coverage to include in newsletters, the (new) website, the banquet slideshow, etc. If you're interested and have the gear, reach out!

Videography — As part of the (upcoming) new website, we're hoping to include some additional helpful videos for prospective new members and new drivers. This could include a novice walk-through, a driver's meeting, and other happenings from the autocross and rallycross events. Videos could be taken on a phone, GoPro or other video camera. If you're interested but don't have a camera, please respond anyway and I'll supply the camera! At this time, this is a short-term project, but will provide long-term benefit to the club. 


Autocross Recap

The first two autocross events of the 2016 season were held on the Hershey Park lot on Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27. The weather was a bit chilly, but it was nothing compared to last year's snow squalls and freezing weather! 

Saturday's event drew a total of 150 drivers who came out to brave the cold weather. A whopping 130 cars got off the line on Easter Sunday, and a special appearance by Danny Kao as announcer lead to many laughs throughout the grid. The events ran smoothly for the kickoff of the 2016 season, so there are just a few kinks to iron out before the next event (including finding some help as mentioned above: hint, hint).

More than half of the weekend's competitors chose their own numbers, and the new numbering system put in place this year was well received. Remember, there's still time to order magnetic or vinyl numbers and class identification from our sponsor — SSC Tint & Graphics — before the next event.

Special thanks to everyone who came out to assist with setup, or stayed to help tear down at the end of the days, and to all of our regular autocross committee members and volunteers! With your help, we were able to stay on schedule and vacate the lot with time to spare both days. Thank you!

Check out the links below for results from the first two events.The next autocross event is a double-header at Farm Show on Sunday, May 29. Registration will open a month before on, so mark your calendars!


Rallycross Replay

A Porsche slides around the skid pad.

by Adam Moore
The 2016 Susquehanna Region SCCA Rallycross season is off to a strong start! Bryan Roper volunteered his time and spent a grueling day on a bobcat the Friday before the event to repair the venues marks of past events. His work allowed us to design and run one of the best courses the Susquehanna Rallycross program ever had.

The weekend kicked off Saturday with a Beginner Rallycross School lead by John Roscinski and Adam Moore. Being that they are not masters of all racing disciplines (as much as they want to be) both Nick Landis and Andy Thomas came out and assisted by working with the front-wheel and rear-wheel drive students, with John and Adam working with the all-wheel drive group. The school started out with an open discussion covering everything from history of the regions events, what SCCA Rallycross is, basic car prep, driving techniques for rallycross, and much more.

A Subaru breaks in the skid pad, kicking up clumps of grass.

Once the book learning and lectures were done, the fun began! The students were put through four practice drills to learn what happens when you drive at the limits on a loose surface. They got dizzy sliding the car around a skid pad and then experienced the realities of under-steer while practicing thresh hold braking. The final two drills were how to thread the needle through a slalom and the fine art of over-steer going through a sweeping turn.

VW off the line at the Beginner Rallycross School slalom.

With the drills done and plenty of time remaining in the day, a short course was setup for the students. A guided walk through of the track was given to point out things to look for, techniques to apply and to give them an idea of what a rallycross course is. The students were given three-to-four runs to practice the techniques they just learned, get some seat time, and see their improvement. In the end, everyone walked away covered in dust with a smile on their faces you couldn't take off with a belt sander.

Subaru STi kicking up its heels on the skid pad.

Sunday morning broke with the sound of tow rigs and modified cars as 28 competitors arrived to start off the 2016 season. This event was the one of the best held by the region with the competitors getting 10 runs of around 50 seconds long. Along with lots of new faces, we also had more spectators than we've ever seen, and plenty of individuals expressing interest in how to get in to the sport. The event went off with few issues, and concluded with class winners receiving a victory glass.

With the dust settled and our marks yet again left in the grass field, planning for the next event begins. Here is hoping that the rest of the season continues on with this trend!


Editors Note: Results will be available at the link above soon. Thanks to Adam for writing this month's Rallycross recap. Photos by Kristen Poole. 


Owner: Steve Limbert (and still chief floor sweeper), Susquehanna Region's Regional Executive
Opened: 1978
Number of Employees: 4
Member of: Porsche Club, SVVSCC, SCCA
Races: National SCCA racing 1975–2006, making the Runnoffs over 25 times. Now mainly vintage racing with VRG, HSR & SVRA. Has also competed in the Porsche Rennsport races.

Address: 1560 Old Mountain Rd.
                    Wellsville, PA 17365
Phone: 717.432.4116


We build, restore, repair and race — mainly Aircooled Porsche's. Building all 356, 914, 911 & 911 turbos, both engines & transmissions. We have installed custom roll cages & vintage rolls bars mainly in Porsche's but also in a Dodge, Corvettes, Lancia and a couple of cars from the UK. Rust repairs have become the norm in the older Porsche's.

We are also the North America importer of the iconic "Minilite" wheels. ATL fuel cells plus other race related items including helmets, uniforms and many other special items. Brad Penn oil 20/50 always is stock with other weights available. We have special ratchets and custom axle straps in stock. Now we can supply any part for any German car, even if they are water cooled!


Member Spotlight

Name: Taylor Bathurst
From:  Abbottstown, PA
Runs: Autocross and Hillclimb
Drives: 1985 Mazda Rx7 in F Prepared for autocross and EP for Hillclimbs this year.
Member since: 2012

My first car was a Mazda Rx8 that I got into autocross with. Found the Rx7 in a field and bought for $400. Originally was an automatic car with open differential. Swapped trans for a manual and added a lsd rear end with disc brakes. Removed stock carb and exhaust in favor for a weber 48 ida and straight pipes. Recently added a fuel cell and racing suspension. Joefis racing added a front splitter and rear spoiler for me. Hoping to do some work this spring to do Hillclimbs this year.


Want to be featured in a future newsletter? 


April Regional Meeting

Tuesday, April 26 • 7:30 p.m.
Our next meeting will be held in the private dining room at Gilligan's Bar and Grill, 987 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA 17111.  

The meeting agenda will be provided to members via email this weekend, prior to the meeting. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come early for dinner (and a drink) with other members. 


Regional Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2016
     Meeting called to order at 7:30 by Steve, who noticed a new visitor and someone said he had a Yugo with a V8. It was Russ Addie who, in the past, was an autocrosser as well as a road racer with a formula Ford.
     The February minutes were approved as posted.
     Alan gave his treasurer's report. The region had income of around $500 and expenses of around $2600 due to the purchase of the new timing sign. Alan asked if anyone had any expenses to please get with him so they can get paid.
     Kristen said the new website development is going great and it is expected to be up sometime in April.
     Steve reported on the membership. The number of members is the highest ever at 363, and the highest since May of 2015.
     Geoff reported that things are going fine for the autocross that is coming up this weekend March 26 and 27. He would like to find a tech person for the event and the registration is at the limit of 150 for Saturday, but only around 90 for the Sunday event. Henry indicated there will be no other events at the Hershey complex  that weekend.
     Steve made mention that he is a dealer for Hoosier tires and Alan mentioned that he also can provide Toyo tires as well as brake pads.
     John talked about the rallycross school coming up and there was discussion about how much to charge for the event. It was decided at $50. Ed brought up that they might want to look at getting into Indiantown Gap as a possible new location, which generated some discussion about trying to use government locations.
     Kristen reported on the Squeal, which is going well.
     Under old business Steve and Kristen attended a meeting at the Rolls Royce Museum and talked about things to do to attract younger members to motorsports activities. Kristen was invited back to speak later this year.
     Under new business, Russ Addie asked about allowing shifter carts to compete at the autocrosses which prompted discussion. Henry brought up an old issue that running shifter carts requires a larger safety distance from objects, which actually makes it tough to design layouts at our current locations.
     There was a motion to adjourn, which was seconded and the discussion of allowing shifter carts would continue off the record.

Respectfully submitted — Ed Womer, Secretary


News from SCCA

RallyCross National Challenge Begins 2016 Season

April 13, 2016 — This weekend’s SCCA West Coast RallyCross National Challenge event April 15-17 at Desert Empire Fairgrounds in Ridgecrest, California, launches the 2016 RallyCross National Challengeseason.

First Timer's Perspective on Match Tours

April 19, 2016 — [Kenton Koch] managed a 2nd place finish in C Street with his 2004 Mazda RX-8 ... More importantly, Koch shared his experience at the Match Tour with

——— Sponsors ———

Foster's Automotive
Auto Seat Covers Co.
SSC Tint & Graphics
Aircooled Racing

2016 Event Schedule

05/29/16: AX 3, Farm Show, AM
05/29/16: AX 4, Farm Show, PM

06/05/16: AX 5, Farm Show, AM
06/05/16: AX 6, Farm Show, PM

06/25/16: RX 2, Elmerton Lot
08/06/16: RX 3, Elmerton Lot
09/03/16: RX 4, Elmerton Lot

09/11/16: AX 7, Farm Show, AM
09/11/16: AX 8, Farm Show, PM
10/29/16: AX 9, Hershey Park
10/30/16: AX 10, Hershey Park

Note: Additional AX dates may be booked, so stay tuned!


2016 Officers

Regional Exec: Steve Limbert
Assistant RE: Kristen Poole
Treasurer: Alan Lesher
Secretary: Ed Womer
Director 3 Yr: Geoff Craig
Director 2 Yr: Charlie Demmy
Director 1 Yr: Markus Houser

2016 Meeting Schedule

04/26/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
05/24/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
06/28/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
07/26/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
08/23/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
09/27/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
10/25/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
11/22/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans


2016 Autocross Rules


2016 Rallycross Rules

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