What’s your hobby?
Lately, I’ve been trying to find a hobby. Rather, I have a bunch of hobbies and interests, but I have a hard time focusing on just one and seeing where it takes me. Part of the problem is that, any time I start something new, I immediately jump to five years in the future and whether or not it still interests me. Plus, I immediately think about how to turn that interest into a side project of some sort.
It puts a lot of pressure on things.
Still, I spend so much time thinking and talking about email and the web that I need something outside of that world as a release. An analog project or hobby that allows my mind to reset and refocus on what I do best—email and the web.
How do I get past putting that pressure on myself and my interests? Does everything need to be a side project? And what do you do to reset your brain outside of your career?
I’d love to hear your thoughts →
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